FITBody™ EMS Abs & Arms Trainer

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Want to stay fit but don’t have the time?
This EMS trainer uses sophisticated electric signals to stimulate and exercise your muscles so you can get fit anywhere - even sitting at the office!

Get fit anywhere - This flexible trainer stimulates your abs and arms. Just strap it on and burn fat, tone your muscles and get fit - anywhere you go.


    • Super easy to use - Just strap on each module and choose your desired level of intensity from 10 different modes.
      It’s that simple.
    • Fits like a glove - Made from soft, high-grade PU material and stretchy enough to accommodate for different body types,
      you’ll barely notice your FIT Body™ Trainer as you get stronger and fitter each day.

    Ready to get the fittest you’ve ever been - without wasting time in the gym? Your FIT Body™ EMS Abs & Arms Trainer is waiting...

    "This EMS trainer has given me unbelievable results! You can feel your muscles working out as soon as you put it on. Great for toning your stomach, legs and arms. I've been using it for 10 minutes a day and have seen noticeable results in my first 3 weeks. Great product at a great price" ★★★★★

    Sheila P. - Sherwood Park, AB

    • Soft, flexible high-quality PU material
    • Includes: Arm module (x2), abdominal module
    • Batteries (not included): 2x AA
    • Burn fat, get toned and improve your fitness anywhere
    • Powerful massage mode to relax and melt stress

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