Multipurpose Pressure Equalization Earplugs

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The Flight Earplugs are made specifically to improve your comfort while flying. The rapid pressure changes that occur during takeoff and landing can often cause pressure to build up painfully in the inside of your ear.

Wearing the earplugs from takeoff through landing moderates the pressure changes, giving your inner ear more time to adjust to the changes in pressure that are unavoidable during flying trips.


The earplugs feature a tiny vent in the ear plug body that lets the higher pressure inside the ear dissipate slowly over time, allowing your inner ear more time to adjust to the changes in pressure. For many people this additional time means reduction or elimination of the ear ache that so many passengers suffer during their plane rides.

In addition to managing the pressure changes to reduce ear pain, the earplugs also moderate the all-around noises that can make flying so tiring. These earplugs reduce the noise volume by more than 75%, still letting you carry on conversations with your seat-mate without the need to remove the earplugs.

the earplugs can also serve as noise-cancelling plugs for other occasions besides plane rides. You can wear them during your nap time, at concerts, while swimming in the pool or ocean, while working and more! The "natural sound" characteristics of Flightmate™ earplugs means they will not distort the sound of music when worn at clubs and concerts, so you can wear them to protect your hearing in all kinds of noisy places and still enjoy yourself. As a bonus, the clear flanges make your earplugs almost invisible inside the ear, so you won't have to worry about your look.

Pressure Equalization Flight Earplugs
the earplugs are washable and reusable, making them a bargain relative to other brands of flying ear plugs that are not washable, and therefore cannot be used but for a single trip.


  • PREVENTS EAR PAIN WHILE FLYING: Stops your ears from becoming painfully pressurized during airplane flights.
  • REUSABLE HYGIENIC SOFT SILICONE: Made from non-toxic hypoallergenic silicone and can easily be hand washed for multiple uses.
  • IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF USES: Construction workers, Scuba divers, swimmers, musicians, students, readers etc.
    Pressure Equalization Flight Earplugs
  • DISCREET & EASY TO USE: The soft blue silicone easily fits comfortably into your ear canal while the clear triple flange that sits outside your ear is easy to grasp for a quick removal anytime.
  • COMES WITH A PLASTIC CASE: For easy and comfortable safe keeping.


  • Color: blue
  • Material: 100% Washable silicone
  • Sizes: Adult: 9mmx24mm / Children: 7mmx22mm
  • Package includes - 1 pair 

Pressure Equalization Flight Earplugs

Pressure Equalization Flight Earplugs

Pressure Equalization Flight Earplugs

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