Easy-Reach™ Foldable Grabber Stick

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The Easy-Reach™ Grabber Stick increases your reach by an extra 26 inches, making it a snap to pick up items from off the floor, outdoor lawn, trash can, behind furniture, or any other hard-to-reach places, like the top shelf in a cabinet or pantry!

Save Time and Effort - No more stretching, bending, or crouching to reach items. Eliminate the hassle and frustration of hard-to-reach places
Reduce Physical Strain - Avoid unnecessary physical strain on your back and joints
Increase Accessibility - Expand your reach to previously unreachable places
Secure Grip on Any Object - This tool's grabber jaw rotates and locks at a 90° angle to offer a secure grip on any object
Versatile and Convenient - Ideal for a wide range of activities, from household chores to outdoor adventures
Durable and Long-Lasting - Made from high-quality, rust-proof materials that will stand the test of time

Pick Up Items From Off The Floor, Lawn, Trash Can, Behind Furniture, Or Any Other Hard To Reach Place With Ease!

High Quality: The Shaft is made of rust-proof, lightweight aluminum and the internal wire is made from steel cable for durability and strength, but it's so easy to use!

90 Degrees Rotation: The Grabber Jaw rotates and locks at 90 degrees for vertical or horizontal use and it's made of soft rubber, allowing you to pick up even the smallest items with ease.

Anti-Slip: The jaw is also coated with anti-slip material to prevent even heavier items from slipping or dropping.

Ergonomic Handle: Soft Grip Trigger and Padded Ergonomic Handle allow for a most comfortable grip, especially for prolonged use.

Material: Aluminum Alloy +ABS
Folding size 44*13cm
Expanded size: 80*11.5cm
Package  Includes: 1* picker

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Customer Reviews

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Benny Vandervort

Can be folded, and the claw can be either vertical or horizontal, so it's incredibly practical. Worth every cent. I'd say this is a must have. Thank you!

Cordie Homenick

Comfortable. Strong. The length is enough.

Kaela Lubowitz

Very good product, its structure is solid, good materials, it is really good and, it is worth it, I am very happy, thank you very much!.