Foldable & Portable Ironing Mat

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Iron anytime, anywhere with The Foldable & Portable Ironing Mat.

This high-quality, heat-resistant product can turn any flat surface into an instant ironing pad whenever the need arises.

This Foldable & Portable Ironing Mat is the perfect item to allow you to iron clothes in any location. It's ideal for those living in cramped quarters, but also great for anyone that may need to remove wrinkles while away from home.



Not everybody needs a big bulky ironing board, and many of us don't have the room even if we wanted one.

The Foldable & Portable Ironing Mat can be used on any flat surface, and quickly take care of your ironing without dragging out a monster size board. The Heat resistant material will keep surfaces safe, and will prevent your iron from harming surfaces due to hot metal.


  • Flexible &portable: Light in weight, this ironing mat can be folded and stored away when not in use to save space. Perfect to bring on vacations or business trips as an alternative to traditional, bulky ironing boards
  • Quick &Convenient: Compact in size, this ironing can be brought anywhere and used anytime on all flat surfaces. Ironing clothes for a quick touch up has never been easier
  • Available in 2 sizes: For different types of surfaces and clothes
  • Perfect ironing board alternative


  • Weight(approx.): Small 185g/Large 224g 
  • Size(approx.): Small 48x85cm/Large 60x55cm
  • Material: Silver coated cloth



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