Folding Anti-blue Light Reading Glasses With Case

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Experience convenience, style, and eye care in one package with our Folding Reading Glasses. Ideal for avid readers, professionals, and screen enthusiasts, these glasses offer a versatile diopter range, ensuring both clarity and comfort.

They protect your eyes from harmful blue light, provide anti-reflective and UV protection, and come in a sleek design with a foldable structure for on-the-go use. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to practicality and style with our Folding Reading Glasses.

Folding Reading Glasses: Elevate your reading experience with Folding Reading Glasses. These glasses are the epitome of style, convenience, and eye care. Their foldable design, complemented by a portable case, makes them the perfect on-the-go accessory for avid readers, professionals, and screen enthusiasts. With a versatile diopter range catering to various vision needs, these glasses offer a solution that's both practical and stylish. Not only do they enhance your vision, but they also provide essential eye protection, blocking harmful blue light and offering anti-reflective and UV safeguards. Enjoy clear vision, comfort, and make a statement with Folding Reading Glasses.

Unisex Design: Designed to cater to both men and women, these folding reading glasses provide a versatile eyewear solution for all genders. No need for separate glasses – these offer a unisex design that's suitable for everyone.
Material and Color: These Folding Reading Glasses are meticulously crafted from TR (Thermoplastic Rubber) for the frame and AC (Acrylic) for the lenses. The TR frame's exceptional durability and lightweight nature make these glasses suitable for daily wear and tear. Their elegant black color not only adds a touch of sophistication but also complements various outfits, making them a versatile accessory.

Anti-Slip Design: The elastomer eyewear isn't merely comfortable; it also features an ingenious anti-slip design. This prevents your glasses from sliding off when you're engaged in various activities, be it reading, watching movies, or playing games. Enjoy a secure fit and uninterrupted leisure.
Flexible Diopter Range: Choose the precise diopter degree that suits your unique vision needs. Select from a broad spectrum of options, including +100, +150, +200, +250, +300, +350, and +400, to guarantee optimal clarity and comfort for all your reading and close-up tasks.

Blue Light Protection: In an age dominated by screens, these Folding Reading Glasses act as a formidable shield against the harmful effects of blue light. Whether you're reading, working on a computer, or scrolling through your smartphone, they effectively block blue light emissions, reducing eye strain and promoting long-term eye health.

Anti-Reflective Lenses: These lenses are not just about protection; they also enhance your visual experience. The anti-reflective coating minimizes unwanted reflections and glare, improving your vision and enabling you to focus without distractions, even in challenging lighting conditions.

UV Protection: Beyond blue light, these glasses are your reliable defense against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. They ensure that your eyes remain protected from the sun's damaging effects, both indoors and outdoors, promoting overall eye safety.

Safety and Convenience: Our glasses go beyond the ordinary reading glasses. The anti-skid elastomer eyewear isn't just comfortable; it's a guarantee of safety for your eyes. Whether you're reading, watching, or playing, the anti-slip design ensures that your glasses stay securely in place, delivering uninterrupted enjoyment.


Lenses Color: Clear

Gender: Unisex

Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-reflective


Frame Material: Plastic

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Evans Schoen

Very practical

Donna Botsford

Everything is as described, arrived very quickly

Genevieve Pagac

Very good product as described👍Happened very quickly!!

Fern Stokes

Good product I love I recommend them

Kayli Collier

Very beautiful, light and compact, I liked them a lot, they are for my little room, they can be put on the strap, very comfortable, I recommend them.