3 in 1 Gas Welding Soldering Tool

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This Astonishing 3 In 1 Gas Welding Soldering Tool Is Extremely Useful, Is Portable, Easy To Carry, Effective, And Can Be Used As A Solder, Weld, Torch, And Even A Hot Knife In Multiple Versatile Different Diy Projects. It's Easy To Refill And Eco-friendly Which Makes It One Of The Best Tools For All Your Welding DIY Projects!

3 in 1 SOLDER, WELD, USE AS A TORCH OR EVEN A HOT KNIFE with these 3 interchangeable soldering tips: bevel, a deflector for heat shrink wrapping, plus the base tip used for torch mode.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Easy to maintain and refill with butane lighter gas.
1300 Degree Celsius Butane Gas Welding Soldering Iron Welding Pen Burner  For Electric Blow Torch Gun Wireless| | - AliExpress
ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: between 410 - 850 °F, and up to 2400°F in torch mode, one gas filling lasts 30-100 minutes at mid setting.

FAST HEATING: The Gas Soldering Iron features fast heat-up for high productivity. The gas capacity allows up to 35-45 minutes of continuous use, ample for most jobs.

GREAT FOR DIY: arts and crafts, jewelry making and repair, brazing, model building, electrical and electronic circuits, general heating or drying, light gauge welding, PVC bending, and more.

 It's cordless, with no bulky cord or wire, so it's easy to use where you need it and not limited to being near a plug;
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PREMIUM QUALITY: The heating tool with fine workmanship and excellent quality, portable pocket-sized, lightweight, and convenient. It can be used for a long time.

Meets all your needs:

  1. Laboratory heating study, kitchen baking tool, factory equipment maintenance.
  2. Welding Automobile, truck aviation repair Hydropower engineering repair.
  3. Electrical appliances, motor control box maintenance, welding, etc.
  4. Wires Circuit board repair welding, IC board welding repair, home field line welding and repair
  5. Soldering on the components, etc.
  6. Jewelry, glasses industry maintenance, plastic cutting
  7. DIY tool, small and convenient to carry.

Capacity: 8ML
Maximum working temperature: flame: up to 1300 degrees Celsius
Soldering iron: about 450 degrees
Working time: 40-60minutes
Material: plastic and steel
Fuel: butane/gas
Length: 155mm/ 6.1 IN

Package includes: 1 x butane gas iron tool

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