Gentleman™ Beard Grooming kit

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You’ve been growing your beard for a little while, and now it’s time to elevate it. With the Gentleman™ Beard Grooming kit you can easily & immediately start taking care of your beard.

This great kit includes one organic beard oil bottle, One wooden comb to untangle those rough spots, One beard brush to keep your beard looking sleek and clean and one beard balm to maintain that bread looking sleek shiny. It also features a high quality fabric bag. This way you can keep the kit together and take it anywhere you want.


Every beard needs to be groomed. Without proper grooming, beards can be unruly and downright shaggy, totally undermining their potentially powerful look and sleek appearance.

Gentleman™ Beard Oil

This beard oil is for the man who wants his whiskers to impress and smell good while keeping his cool. This great facial hair conditioner and moisturizer keeps strands smooth and well groomed. The pump makes it fast and easy to use. Just pump this beard oil as needed into one palm,  rub your hands together, massage into your beard and you are ready to go.  To keep you free of dryness use our beard oil every morning and before bedtime on all your facial hair and facial skin.

Gentleman™ Beard Balm

The Beard Balm is a great beard cream that gets rid of all beard irritations. This Beard Balm will get your facial hair clean, soft and smelling great. The therapeutic essential oils in the beard balm will calm you and your whiskers and chill you out. The manly scent is particularly appealing to women.


1 * Gentleman™ Beard oil

1 * Gentleman™ Beard balm

1 * Gentleman™ Beard brush

1 * Gentleman™ Beard comb

1 * Storage bag

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