The Golf "Swingyde"

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Practice that swing of yours to perfection...

Tired of practicing your swing for weeks on end with nothing to show for it?

Turn to the Swingyde golf training aid, which helps you achieve greater distance and accuracy each time you step on the course.

The Swingyde works intuitively, with a clip that attaches to the shaft of your club on one end, and a built-in rest that touches your left forearm on the other.


The rest encourages your wrist to cock properly during the swing, helping improve your swing plane, swing tempo, clubface alignment, impact position, and follow through.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Swingyde is the best swing aid tool I have used. I have tried other training tools that just don't work. This device is extremely simple but very effective. It really helps you get the club in the proper positions.

Now you can know what it feels like to swing like a pro

CORRECT SWING POSITIONING - By setting the correct hinge position at the top of your backs swing it allows you to get an artificial feel of the perfect swing. Take this tool to the driving range and practice until it becomes natural

FIX SLICE AND HOOK - Corrects face alignment throughout your golf swing to reduce problems with slice and hook

INCREASE YOUR DISTANCE - By correcting the form in your back swing it will take less power to send the ball further. Work up your power slowly and you could increase your distance significantly

PERFECT FOR PUTTING - This tool will keep your arms locked and keep you from breaking your wrist when following through on a putt

FITS ALL GOLFERS - Right handed, left handed, men, women, and children. This training aid works for golfers of all levels

Product Benefits

  • Designed to create the correct swing positions by setting the correct hinge position at the top of your back swing.
  • Corrects face alignment throughout your golf swing, which creates increased distance, enhanced accuracy and lower scores on the golf course
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed golfers, as well as female golfers and junior golfers
  • Perfect for use on driving range
  • Can be used whilst hitting balls at practice
  • Simple yet effective golf training tool
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