GRIKEY™ Ultra-Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Is your car filled with dust and garbage?

The innovative GRIKEY™ Ultra-Powerful Car Vacuum Cleaner makes getting into crevices, such as in between car seats, a lot easier than using a traditional vacuum. Comes with High Power, Strong Suction, Built-In LED lightMultiple Nozzles, and Combinations. This astonishing Vacuum Cleaner will leave your car clean in a matter of seconds! 

High Power: The distinctive powerful suction makes short work of tidying up around the car.

Strong Suction: The impressive suction of GRIKEY™ Car Vacuum Cleaner works effectively and leaves nothing behind.

Cleans Hard-To-Reach Places:  GRIKEY™ can go where bigger vacuums can’t. It makes it easy to ferret out crumbs from between couch cushions, or dirt from under car seats. 

Handy and Versatile:
You can use it whenever you need to clean a hard-to-reach-area without having to take out a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Built-In LED Light:
This wonderful feature is rare in a vacuum cleaner and it will change the way you clean those hard to reach areas because you will see with the help of the LED light where all the dust and dirt is and leave everything absolutely clean.

It can clean liquid, hairs, dust, sand, crumbs, and other different types of dirt that other vacuums can’t.

Multiple Nozzles:
This handheld vacuum’s distinctive pivoting nozzles and powerful suction are designed to provide you with the most comfortable cleaning and user-friendly experience.

Easy to clean:
You can easily wash it and leave it free of dust and clean after use.

Complete Reach:
With a super long cord of 16.4 Ft/4.9 Meters, you can be sure that you will reach any far corner even inside the car and leave it completely clean easily and effortlessly.

Multiple Combinations:
Comes with multiple combinations that fit your needs in case you need to clean different areas in more effective ways.


Voltage: DC 12V

Power source: car cigarette lighter

Cable length: 5m / 16ft 

Size: 36 x 10 x 9cm/ 14'' x 3.9'' x 3.5'' 


Package List:

1x Car vacuum cleaner

1x Crevice Nozzle

1x Brush nozzle

1x EVA hose

2x Connectors

1x user manual

1x portable bag

1x microfiber towel

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