Hands-Free Silicone Water Bottle Clip Hook (6pcs)

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Stay hydrated and hands-free during outdoor adventures with the Silicone Water Bottle Carrier. Crafted from durable silicone, these holders securely grip most bottle sizes. The keychain clip allows for easy attachment to your gear. Available in black, blue, and hot pink, adding style to your adventures.

Enjoy the freedom to explore, hike, bike, and camp without worrying about your water bottles. Elevate your outdoor experiences with this practical and versatile solution. Embrace the convenience and make every moment in the great outdoors unforgettable.

Water Bottle Holder with Keychain Clip:
Easily clip on and off, these 6pcs water bottle holders are the perfect companions for those always on the go. Whether you're hiking, biking, camping, or traveling, these handy holders make it a breeze to take or place water bottles whenever you need them. With the attached keychain clip, you can conveniently attach them to your backpack or pants for easy access.

Size: Suitable for Most Disposable Bottle Sizes The water bottle carriers have a universal size, ensuring they can accommodate most disposable bottle sizes. This means you don't have to worry about the compatibility of your favorite drink containers; these holders have got you covered.
Material: Resilient Silicone for Secure Hold Crafted from silicone, the bottle holders exhibit impressive resilience and flexibility. They are specifically designed to provide a secure and tight grip, ensuring your water bottles stay in place even during rigorous outdoor activities. The durable silicone construction guarantees a reliable and long-lasting performance.

Wide Range of Outdoor Uses: Perfectly suited for various outdoor activities, these bottle holders are a versatile addition to your adventure gear. Whether you're climbing, fishing, hiking, exploring, or simply taking a leisurely walk, these holders will keep your water bottles within reach and easily accessible.


  • Color options: black, blue, hot pink
  • Material: silicone + aluminum alloy
  • Buckle size: 4.8cm/1.9" × 2.2cm/0.9"
  • Silicone buckle length: 5.5cm/2.1"
  • Caliber: 2.7cm/1.1"
  • Quantity: 6pcs

    Please note: The neck diameter of the bottle needs to be at least 1in (2.5cm) for the holder to have a tight grip on it. 

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Customer Reviews

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Oswaldo Kris

Simple and practical. Does the job

Geraldine Howell

The rubber feels durable, and it can adjust to any bottle, arrived in time thank you so much

Delaney Maggio

Very useful product🙂It fulfills its task. I'm satisfied. I definitely recommend😊

Taylor Lind

They are great and practical

Julian Mitchell

Super! Many thanks :)