Premium Quality Genuine Leather Vintage Design Belt

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This belt is meticulously crafted from 100% genuine leather, offering not only a luxurious appearance but also exceptional durability.

Designed for the modern man who values both luxury and durability, to complement a variety of outfits, This belt is a perfect blend of sophistication and practicality, making it an essential accessory for any wardrobe.

Premium Genuine Leather:
Crafted from 100% genuine leather, ensuring a soft, supple feel while maintaining high durability. Resistant to wear and tear, this leather belt will age beautifully, developing a unique patina over time. The natural texture of the leather adds a sophisticated touch, suitable for both casual and formal wear.

Luxury Pin Buckle: The pin buckle is designed with elegance in mind, featuring a polished finish that complements the belt's overall aesthetic. It provides a secure and reliable closure, easily adjustable to fit various waist sizes. Made from high-quality metal, ensuring it remains rust-free and maintains its shine for years.

Vintage Design: Embraces a classic, vintage look that never goes out of fashion, making it a timeless accessory for any man's wardrobe. Ideal for pairing with jeans or casual trousers, adding a touch of sophistication to everyday outfits. Subtle design details and stitching enhance the belt's vintage appeal without overpowering your overall look.

Versatile and Stylish: Suitable for a variety of settings, from casual outings to semi-formal events, seamlessly transitioning between different styles. Complements a wide range of outfits, whether you're wearing denim, chinos, or dress pants. Available in multiple color choices, allowing you to select the one that best matches your personal style.

Perfect Fit: Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for every man. Features an adjustable strap with multiple holes, allowing for easy customization to achieve the desired fit. Designed to sit comfortably on the waist without pinching or causing discomfort during prolonged wear.



Belts Material: Genuine Leather

Buckle Width: 5.2

Buckle Length: 7

Belt Width: 3.8

Belt Length: 

105cm (41.3 inches)

110cm (43.3 inches)

115cm (45.3 inches)

120cm (47.2 inches)

125cm (49.2 inches)

130cm (51.2 inches)


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Kylee Schmidt

Everything was great, shipped and received quickly, great product, thank you very muc

Rosendo O'Conner

Very well packed arrived very quickly, still. Or I open it later I will check it well as I have time, I will check it well

Cameron Heathcote

Beautiful strap, good quality my husband loved it, super fast delivery are to be congratulated.

Cayla Goodwin

Arrived in perfect condition, well packaged nice products. Fast shipping. Thanks 🙏

Jedidiah Streich

Very nice belt!
Good quality and looks robust.
Thank the seller and fast delivery👍