Hiking Ultralight 4-section Adjustable Canes

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Light, compact and portable, The Hiking Ultralight 4-section Adjustable Cane is an essential tool for any hiker or traveler.


The cans collapses into 4 parts for convenient storage. You can easily store the cane in a luggage, a bag or even in your car's glove compartment!


This makes it possible for you to easily hike anywhere and anytime!




- Height can be adjusted from 32 to 37 inches.
- Can fold into 4 parts for convenient storage.
- Four folding sections snap out automatically.
- Comfortable contour grip with rubber tip.
- Light weight and portable to carry.
- Non-slip rubber base has increased wear-resistance, extending the life of road cane.
- Elegant and ergonomic handle design with removable hand strap and brass collar.
- Steady and rigid design, durable Aluminum construction.
- Come with hand strap to hang cane when folded.
- Fit for put inside of luggage, backpacks, etc.


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: Black, Gold, Silver, Blue, Red
Best Use: Mountaineering, Hiking, Backpacking

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