Inflatable Back Seat Extender

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    Long car trips can be excruciating, especially when driving at night. If you constantly take your family or friends on outdoor trips, the Inflatable Back Seat Extender is just for you!

    This is an inflatable mattress-like extender that is placed in the unused gap between your back and front seats. By filling the gap, it turns the back of your car into an instant bed, providing a space for rest that can be crucial on long distance drives.


    It's perfect for cold nights while on camping trips, fishing trips and more! By using the Inflatable Back Seat Extender, you can still go on camping trips in the winter, but not worry about sleeping outside in the cold. Because of that, you don't have to worry about bringing your kids on your outdoor trips! You can always be sure they have a comfortable space to rest.

    • Inflates and deflates within 2-3 minutes
    • Made of extremely comfortable, durable and environment friendly PVC fabric
    • Universally compatible with 99% of car models


    Package includes : 1x Inflatable Back Seat Extender


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