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Do you love soaking in a relaxing bathtub only to be annoyed by the hard straight back on your tub? Let’s face it – unless you have a good bath pillow, the hard back of the bathtub – especially the straight variety can ruin the experience. Well now you can get ready for the most amazing bathub experience because the innovative Paradise™ Mesh Bath Pillow will provide you with all the relaxation you deserve! Its Extra-Strength Suction Cups will keep the pillow in place. Its anti mildew premium materials will ensure to keep it safe from mold! Easy to clean, you can just toss it in the washing machine and dry it in the drier effortlessly.


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  • 4 Extra-Strength Suction Cups designed to keep the pillow in place
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  • Premium materials: Made from Anti-Mildew and Anti-Bacterial Mesh Material.

  • Dries much faster than a towel.

    • Easy to Wash and Remove just toos it in the washing machine and dry it in the drier effortlessly.

    • Compatible with all bathtub shapes


      Paradise™ Mesh Bath Pillow is made of high quality polyester fiber, which provides enough grip and provides a super soft and comfortable experience. Convenient cleaning method, faster drying than towel, effective against mold growth! Comfort is just a pillow away! The unique design provides you with all the benefits you need! 


      Suckers can be firmly fixed to the tub. Simply suck up the suction cup and place it in the desired position. Press hard to hold all suckers. To remove it, do not remove the pillow from the bathtub with force, but rather gently peel off the suction cups from side.


      Paradise™ Mesh Bath Pillow is carefully designed to provide the highest level of comfort to relax your body. Tub pillow applies the best ergonomic design to avoid neck fatigue. The head rest pillow can help you sleep comfortably on the tub, allowing you to enjoy comfortable head and neck support in the bathtub for a truly relaxing spa experience.


      Color: White

      Material: Polyester 

      Size:  13.7 in X 12.9 in X 2.7 in / 35*33*7cm

      Weight: 15.5 oz / 440 g

      TurboRelax™ Bath Pillow

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      Efren Bode

      perfect i receive it very fast thank you

      Myah Jenkins

      Nice pillow. Soft. Thank you.

      Winifred Boehm

      All good nice pillow