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A senior standing up with a grab bar in a comedy movie, bathrooms are prime sources for slapstick humor with the protagonist accidentally slipping on the soap, only to land in the bathtub while the hairdryer is still in their hand.

But what might be funny on the screen can be a painful nightmare in real life.

This is why you should take all precautions and keep your elderly loved ones as safe as possible with this life-saving Support Grab Bar.


The vision of falling in the bathroom haunts seniors who live on their own because an accident could render them unable to call for help.

Not to mention that the bones of an aging adult are frail and can break more easily. Luckily, there are several countermeasures that could safeguard the elderly resident’s well-being, and grab bars are the most notable ones.

Why a Grab Bar?

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation conducted research about grab bars in the bathroom. From this they learned two important things: first, that even younger adults resort to such beams if they experience balance loss; and second, that 78% of participating seniors used grab bars after it was made available to them, even though previously they hadn’t felt the need for it. It’s safe to assume, therefore, that the mere presence of such items adds to the elderly’s feeling of safety.

Grab bar in a shower

It should also be mentioned that grab bars are highly versatile products. There are stainless steel handles that can be screwed into the wall in order to support the senior’s weight, while others can be fitted with locking latches that allow for easy relocation.


Of course, grab bars can be installed in other areas outside the bathtub, too. In cases where an aging resident is finding it difficult to stand up from the toilet, climb the stairs or leave the bed in the morning, a strategically placed handle will make it easier to get about and prevent unwanted falls.

Where to Place the Grab Bars

Did you know that there is a science behind the setup of arm handles? That’s right, those same researchers created a study about the most popular grab bar configurations in the bathroom. The most popular one is placing a long, horizontal bar on the back wall of the tub that aids seniors in standing up or sitting down while installing a second, vertical bar at the wall where the faucet is can help support the elderly in getting in and out of the bath.

Strong Grip:

Our shower grab rail holds up to 510 lbs/231 kg. Providing good grip and should suit most bathrooms in terms of decor. The grab bar adopts an enlarged base design, It had 4 x screws in each fixing flange which gave a stronger fixing, whilst many others had only 3 x screws in each flange of the grab handle. They are a million times better than any suction bars that could potentially fail to stay in place. 

Durable 304 Stainless Steel:

Made of durable 304 stainless steel, and is actually better than the plastic ones. This bathroom grab bar is just the right length and is ideal for anyone who needs extra help getting in or out of the bath or shower,


Material: Stainless Steel

Type: Grab Bars

Surface Finishing: Stainless Steel

Grab Bar Type: Straight

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