Rehabilitation Hand Grip Training Ball For The Elderly

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As you grow older, the steady loss of muscle mass can negatively impact your grip strength.

From pinching a key and inserting it into a lock to picking up a bag of groceries, your ability to grip can play a crucial role in daily activities. 

With this Rehabilitation Hand Grip Ball, you will train the muscles in your hand to become much stronger and improve your condition over time.


Slip-Free Design: This Rehabilitation Hand Grip Ball is designed to stay in place so even if you have little strength in your hands you can keep it in place as you practice and exercise your hand muscles.

Elastic Massage Tentacles:

Comes with elastic tentacles that massage the palm of the hand with acupressure.

TPR Silicone: Designed with TPR silicone that is easy to use, shock resistant, is comfortable, and durable. 

Compact and Portable: Designed to be easy to use, easy to carry, so it can be used at any time.


Material: TPR silicone material

Size: about 12*10cm/4.72*3.94in

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1*Rehabilitation Hand Grip Training Ball For The Elderly

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Audreanne Hyatt

Ideal for exercising and strengthening the fingers and grip.

Sally Wiegand

Perfect, the rings are rigid, the ball is not too soft, but it is certainly not too hard, very good quality!

Lauryn Boyer

Good quality product