2MP HD Single/Dual Lens Waterproof Endoscope Camera for Android / Apple

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KERUI 2MP Endoscope Camera – a cutting-edge tool that redefines precision and clarity. With 1080P HD resolution, this mini inspection camera ensures crystal-clear visuals in any environment.

Seamless wireless connectivity to both iOS and Android devices, versatile connector options, and an IP67 waterproof design make it a versatile companion for various applications. Illuminate your path with 6 adjustable LED lights, achieve optimal focus at 2-10 cm, and navigate effortlessly with the flexible hard cable.

Opt for the dual lens configuration for comprehensive inspections or choose the single lens setup for precision tasks. Uncover the unseen and experience a new level of versatility with the KERUI Endoscope.

1080P HD Resolution: Experience clarity like never before with the KERUI 2MP Single/Dual Lens Endoscope Camera. Boasting a 1080P HD resolution, this mini inspection camera ensures that your view is crystal clear, allowing you to explore and inspect with precision.
Connectivity for iOS and Android Phones: Seamless integration with your smartphone is at your fingertips. The Endoscope effortlessly connects to both iOS and Android devices, enabling you to view live feeds on your phone screen. Simply download and install the compatible app for a quick and hassle-free setup.Versatile Connector Options: Tailor your endoscope experience with multiple connector options. The Type C variant exclusively features a Type C connector, while the IOS version offers versatility with Type C, Micro USB, and IOS connectors. Choose the connector that suits your device, ensuring a smooth and convenient connection.Adjustable LED Lights for Enhanced Visibility: Navigate through dark or low-light environments effortlessly with the 6pcs adjustable LED lights. Enhancing image brightness and clarity, these lights ensure that you capture detailed visuals even in challenging lighting conditions, providing a reliable inspection experience.
IP67 Waterproof Design: Take the KERUI Endoscope wherever your exploration leads, as its IP67 waterproof design ensures durability and reliability. Whether inspecting pipelines or submerged areas, this endoscope is built to withstand water exposure, expanding its range of applications.
Optimal Focal Length (2-10 cm): Achieve the best focus with the KERUI Endoscope at an optimal focal length of 2-10 cm. This ensures that your inspection is precise and detailed, allowing you to capture the necessary information with accuracy.Flexible Hard Cable: Experience enhanced flexibility with the hard cable design, allowing easier bending up and down. Maneuver through tight spaces and angles effortlessly, reaching areas that would be challenging with traditional inspection tools.
Wide Applications: The KERUI Endoscope opens up a world of possibilities with its wide range of applications. From plumbing inspections to automotive diagnostics, this versatile tool proves indispensable for various tasks. Explore its capabilities and redefine the way you approach inspections.


Brand Name: KERUI

Smart home platform: NONE

Camera Lens: 7.9mm

Lens Type: Dual Lens / Single Lens

Waterproof Level: IP67

LED Lights: 6+1pcs, Adjustable

Focal Length: 2-10 cm

Connector Type: for Type C / Micro USB / IOS


Kindly Remind:

" Single for Type C" means Single Lens and Type C connector.

" Single for IOS" means Single Lens and Type C + Micro USB + Lightning connectors.

" Dual for Type C" means Dual Lens and Type C connector.

" Dual for IOS" means Dual Lens and Type C + Micro USB + Lightning connectors.

The option of Dual Lens will NOT include the mirror.

Please allow 10-24 business days for the item to arrive.

Please note: due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, some minor delays in product delivery are possible, we are doing our absolute best to make sure you get your products as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Margret Wilderman

Love it
Highly recommend

Jena Towne

Nice quality! Happy with it! Arrived fast. Good packaging.

Winifred Bradtke

Very good product the material is robust and very resistant. Camera quality is acceptable

Urban Cartwright

Great camera.
Thank you!