Large Size Non-Slip Desk Protector Wool Mat

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This desk mat is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, offering a smooth and comfortable writing surface. Crafted from top-quality felt cloth, it naturally absorbs water and is easy to clean, ensuring a tidy and hassle-free workspace.

The scratch-resistant and durable design provides optimal protection for your desk, keeping it free from scratches, stains, spills, and heat. With its anti-slip bottom, you can say goodbye to sliding desktop supplies and enjoy a stable and organized workspace.

Choose from various sizes to suit your needs, accommodating your laptop, mouse, keyboard, and journal with ease. Upgrade your home or office with this multifunctional desk pad, serving as a protector, mouse pad, non-slip surface, laptop cushion, and writing pad all in one.

Transform your workspace with our Large Size Office Desk Protector Mat. Enjoy smooth writing, optimal protection, and a tidy desk with this versatile and stylish felt desk mat. Choose your preferred size and elevate your work and gaming experiences today!

Protect Your Desk:
Made of 3mm anti-scald and abrasion-resistant felt material, this large desk pad protects your desk from scratches, stains, spills, heat, and abrasion. It's a must-have desk accessory for safeguarding your workspace.

Writing Smooth: Experience smooth and comfortable writing with our spacious desk mat. Its fine texture ensures a seamless writing experience, making it a perfect office supply for all your tasks.

Special Anti-Slip Design: The desk pad features anti-slip rubber particles at the bottom, securely anchoring it to your desk. Say goodbye to sliding desktop supplies and enjoy a stable and organized workspace.

Easy To Clean and Water Absorbing: Crafted from top-quality felt cloth, this desk mat naturally absorbs water and quickly returns to its normal state, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

Scratch Resistance: Made with durable and super soft felt cloth, our desk mat offers excellent scratch resistance, providing optimal protection for your desk from daily wear and tear.

3mm Thickness: With a thickness of 3mm, this desk mat is super soft yet sturdy, offering both comfort and durability.

Various Sizes: Choose from 7 different sizes, each accommodating your laptop, mouse, keyboard, and journal comfortably. Sizes available in inches (cm):
11.8x9.1 (30x23cm), 23.6x11.8 (60x30cm), 27.6x13.8 (70x35cm), 31.5x15.7 (80x40cm), 35.4x17.7 (90x45cm), 39.4x19.7 (100x50cm), and 47.2x23.6 (120x60cm).


Style: Heated

Size:: 30x23cm,60x30cm,70x35cm,80x40cm,90x45cm,100x50cm,120x60cm

Shape:: Rectangular

Package: Yes

Model Number: Dark Gray, Light Gray, Gray

Material: Felt

Features6:: Office Accessories

Features5:: Desk mat

Features4:: Gaming mouse pad

Feature3:: Office mouse pad

Feature2:: Non-slip

Color: Dark Grey/Grey/Light Grey


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Customer Reviews

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Cordie McGlynn

Of resistant material, soft to the touch and good size. I really liked the product. It arrived fast

Icie Pfeffer

Very good. Material is type a carpet. Excellent product. I recommend it.

Cecilia Kling

Really recommend! I received the product faster than I expected, the product was just as described and I really like it’s texture and dimensions. My mouse glides nicely on it.

Teagan O'Kon

Exceptional quality! Super comfortable and finished very well done. Was worth the investment a lot.

Elmore Grimes

Amazing product. It has excellent quality and is soft. I recommend it