Magnetic Phone Holder with Car Air-Vent Clip

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Forget about other magnetic phone mounts that spoil your dashboard with non-removable adhesives!

Drive safely without any distraction with this elegant, strong and stable Magnetic phone-mount that doesn't require any adhesives and clips right onto your car air-vent.


Powerful magnetic force
The reinforced Holding magnet of this mount sets it apart from other mounts. This universal magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction that is 3x times stronger than most commonly used holders. And will firmly hold any smartphone including Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.

360° Rotation
Effortlessly rotate your smartphone as you wish. The base of the mount remains fixed into the air vent of your car and doesn't move, no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. Your smartphone will always stay in your preferred position.

Easy to install
The installation process of this phone mount is 10 times easier than any other phone mount in the market.  Simply attach it to your car air-vent, stick the beautifully designed phone magnet on the back of your phone, and you are ready to go!


  • Material: Aluminium Alloy, Metal
  • Color: Black, Silver

Package includes:

  • 1* Magnetic Car Holder 
  • 1 * Magnet Plate
  • Optional: You can buy 2 additional magnet plates separately.

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