PrecisionPro™ Smart Spectroscopic Laser Distance Meter

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Experience a new dimension of accuracy and efficiency in your measurements with the groundbreaking PrecisionPro Laser Distance Meter with Spectroscopic Lens Technology. this advanced device seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with intuitive features.

Envision a measuring range from 40 meters to an impressive 100 meters, 
streamline calculations – areas, volumes in real-time making complex tasks simple. Unlock more dimensions with Secondary and Indirect Pythagorean Theorems, and the Single Distance Measurement mode

Precision meets adaptability with the Advanced features of the PrecisionPro™
It’s not just a tool; it’s your ally in meticulous measurements.
Upgrade your measurement toolkit with the PrecisionPro Laser Distance Meter. Tailored to the demands of construction, design, and various DIY projects,

Spectroscopic Lens Technology: Unleash the power of precision with our pioneering spectroscopic lens technology. This innovative feature guarantees measurement accuracy and clarity, even in challenging lighting conditions. Say goodbye to uncertainties and welcome data you can trust.

Extended Measuring Range: Choose from an array of measuring range models:
– 40 meters (131 feet), 60 meters (197 feet), 80 meters (262 feet), and 100 meters (328 feet) – catering to tasks of varying complexities. What's more, the unit system now includes inches, adding a layer of convenience and adaptability to your measurements.

Multiple Measuring Units: Tailor your measurements to your preferences. Effortlessly switch between meters, inches, feet, and even a combination of feet and inches. This adaptability eliminates the need for manual unit conversion, streamlining your workflow.

280 Degree Soft Sell Cover: Our commitment to functionality meets ergonomic design. The 280-degree soft sell cover serves as a protective shield while also enhancing grip and comfort during extended usage. Minimize the risks of accidental drops and elevate your handling experience.

Mute Key Functionality: Navigate noise-sensitive environments seamlessly with the intuitive mute key. Transition effortlessly between sound-on and sound-off modes, allowing you to work discreetly without compromising the meter's functionality.

Advanced Measurement Capabilities: Elevate your measurement game beyond linear distances. The PrecisionPro Laser Distance Meter introduces area and volume calculation functions, transforming it into a versatile tool for comprehensive spatial assessments.

Secondary Pythagorean Theorem: Tackle complex measurement scenarios with confidence using the secondary Pythagorean theorem. Overcome obstacles that obstruct direct measurement paths, and achieve accurate results in challenging environments.

Indirect Pythagorean Theorem: Uncover the potential of indirect measurements through the indirect Pythagorean theorem. Navigate around obstacles or inaccessible areas, while still maintaining the exceptional accuracy synonymous with PrecisionPro.

Addition and Subtraction: Experience efficiency like never before with real-time addition and subtraction calculations. Seamlessly integrate these operations into your workflow, minimizing manual calculations and potential errors.

Continuous Measurement: Capture a sequence of measurements effortlessly with the continuous measurement mode. Say goodbye to tedious resets between measurements, as this feature streamlines tasks that demand rapid data collection.

4-Line Backlit Display: Unveil unparalleled visibility on the 4-line display, regardless of lighting conditions. The built-in backlight ensures that your measurements, calculations, and unit settings are always legible and accessible.

Single Distance Measurement: Simplify tasks with the single distance measurement mode. Swiftly measure distances without navigating complex settings, making it ideal for quick assessments without sacrificing accuracy.

Historical Memory: Store up to 20 historical measurements in the device's memory, effortlessly referencing past data. Ensure consistency and traceability in your work, even when comparing current measurements to prior results.


Range: 30M,40M,50M,60M,70M,80M,100M

Power Type: Battery-Powered

Measurement Accuracy: +-2mm

Certification: CE,RoHS

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Customer Reviews

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Kara Balistreri

Checked, accurately measures the distance and area, the rest in the course of the play. There is a case in the kit.

Marlee Greenfelder

Everything works cool.
The delivery is fast.

Sarai Halvorson

Very good product, I have already tested and with perfect precision.