Vintage Squared Polarized Sunglasses

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ighlight Your Best Looks With These Luxury Squared Polarized Sunglasses, They Look Great! 

Designed With Excellent Optical Attributes, Anti Reflective, Polarized, TAC, UV-400 & Anti-Glare To Provide You With The Most Comfortable And Functional Experience.

Tri-Acetate Cellulose (TAC) polarized lenses feature a new lens technology formulated for superior visual and polarization clarity. They have a scratch coating and block 100% harmful UV rays up to 400 nanometers. These lenses are very lightweight and highly impact resistant.

Stylish & Elegant: Highlight your natural attractiveness with these charming sunglasses that will elevate the style of anyone who wears them.

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate (impact-resistant) lenses are shatter-proof and provide 100% UV protection. They're also ideal for strong prescriptions since they do not add thickness when correcting vision, minimizing distortion.

UV-400: 'UV400' refers to UV rays at the top end of the UV spectrum, up to the 400-nanometre wavelength. Sunglasses with this level of protection block an even broader spectrum than the CE and British Standard models, making them the ultimate protection for your eyes.

Anti-reflective: This is a secondary lens coating that is applied externally to the surfaces of both optical and sunglasses lenses. Its primary function is to let more light pass through a lens to reduce the amount of light bouncing off it. AR is perfect for spectacles.


Lenses Optical Attribute: Polarized, Anti-reflective, UV400

Lenses Material: TAC

Lens material: Advanced Resin HD Polarized

Lens Width: 58mm

Lens Height: 51mm

Function:100% Polarized With Test Card

Frame Material: Polycarbonate

Certification: CE

***Please note *** hard case is not included***

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Customer Reviews

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Alexandria Ziemann

Very light! Polarization is present! excellent quality!

Meaghan Lang

Everything is Wonderful👍

Ben Skiles

I love them! Thank you 😊

Ignacio D'Amore

Look great!