MagicDust™ Multi-functional Gel Cleaner (2 pcs)

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Instead of spending hours to get a cleaning wipe into every nook and cranny while cleaning your car, why not just rub a ball of slime over it and be done with it? This ingenious cleaning product it's essentially just a ball of goop that you can push and roll in any surface to pick up all of the dust and debris that gets stuck in those hard to reach areas like car vents, cup holders, buttons, and even your computer keyboard.


The unique cleaning slime is made from a biodegradable gel that doesn’t stick to the hands, but will still pick up every piece of debris it touches when shoved into small areas, cracks, etc. It'll even leave behind a lavender fragrance that not only cleans but also leaves your car smelling extra fresh when done.

To use the car cleaning gel simply take a piece of the gel out and form it into a ball. Then press slowly into your car vent, or other areas that need cleaning, and then slowly pull it back out. All of the dust and debris that it touches will be pulled out with the gel. You can even knead the slime into a cylinder and roll it around your dashboard and elsewhere to pick up all sorts of debris and dust.

The unique car cleaning slime can be used again and again until the color of the gel turns dark, which at that point the slime would need to be replaced.


Not only great for cleaning car interiors and office keyboards, but the unique cleaning gel can also be used to clean office phones, smartphones, cameras, printers, calculators, speakers, HVAC vents, computer screens, TVs, ovens, and other home appliances. 



Material: Biodegradable gel

Picks up dust and dirt from computer keyboards, mobile phones, and printers. 

Package includes: 2 x MagicDust™  Multi-functional  Gel Cleaner

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