MagicWood™ Smart Alarm Clock With Qi Wireless Charging

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This Fascinating Wooden Style Clock Has Glowing Digital Numerals That Appear On The Smooth Surface Of Its Face As If By Magic! Finely Engineered With Built-in Qi Device Charger, Battery Backup, Different Time Settings, And Temperature Formats Available. This Is Quite An Amazing Gadget!

This Groundbreaking Wooden Style Clock Is Innovative And Remarkable!

Wireless Charging Pad - Built-in Qi Device Charger: simply rest your smartphone, tablet, or another Qi-enabled digital device, against the top for wireless charging as you rest.

Wood Alarm Clock Sound Control Snooze Table Clock With Qi Wireless Charging  3 Alarm Settings And 3 Levels Brightness Adjustable| | - AliExpress

Adjustable Brightness: You can easily adjust the brightness of the clock in three different levels: (Bright, Medium, and Dim) and set the one that is most suitable for your personal preferences.

Sound Control Function: You can light up the screen by clapping your hands (any sounds louder than 60 dBm) or by tapping the clock softly.

Up To 3 Different Alarms: No more unreliable snooze button: set up to three different alarms to stay on schedule.


USB Powered: USB-compatible power cable is included with the Drowse™alarm clock


Battery Backup: You’ll rest easier with this technologically-advanced alarm clock at your fingertips: it even offers a battery backup option to keep you punctual, even if your home loses power in inclement weather. Optional battery backup requires 4 AAA batteries (sold separately)


A Stylish Masterpiece: Simple lines and a clean design make this Modern Digital Wooden Style Clock perfect for anyone whose style is classic and uncomplicated! With its contemporary feel and stylish good looks, this block of timber is, quite possibly, one of the most eye-catching and unique timepieces we've ever seen!

Temperature Display: This amazing Alarm Clock brings an eye-catching minimalist design to your bedside table, offering the time and temperature in crisp, clear, and easy-to-read numbers at a glance.(Celsius and Fahrenheit)

Different Time and Temperature Formats Available: Switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time, as well as Celsius or Fahrenheit temp


Screen Type: LED

Size: 14.5 * 7 cm/ 5.7 *2.7 IN

Package Contents

1* Alarm Clock

1* USB data cable

1* English manual

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