Luminous Magnetic Fast Charging Cable

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No more fumbling & fiddling around, our Luminous Magnetic Fast Charging Cable is here to save you!

It will easily connect to your phone’s charging port in a snap, even with just one hand perfect for connecting safely while driving or in the dark before bed, and is compatible with ALL models of phones and gadgets

This magnetic cable will attach firmly from any direction when placed nearby without needing to line up perfectly so you can enjoy hassle-free 2A high-speed charging!

Enjoy simple and convenient Luminous Magnetic Fast Charging Cable with a maximum speed of 2A without struggling to aim the cable perfectly with the smartphone port. When driving, keep your eyes on the road, and one hand on the wheel while the other conveniently connects your phone.
At bedtime in the dark, don't fumble blindly to plug in. Let the strong magnet and 360° rotation do the connecting for you! Worn out damaged cables and ports are a thing of the past. Without forceful tugging, the magnetic connection also helps prevent damaged and worn out charging ports. and protects from over-charge and high temperature. 

Fast Charging - Unlike a traditional charging cable, the Luminous Magnetic Charging Cable is fast and powerful. 

Makes life easier - you sure will be happy when you go to plug in your phone in the dead of night and you don't have to fumble around trying to figure out how to get that cable in to charge it! It also comes in pretty handy when you're trying to charge your phone while you're driving.

Prolongs Device Life – The magnetic connector can reduce the damage to your phone's battery port by preventing frequent plugging and unplugging

Ultra-Durable – High-quality nylon braiding and TPE casing provides maximum durability and lets you charge your phone without worrying about breaking your cable eliminating cord damage. This cord won't get tangled, even if you use it on a daily basis. 

LED Indicator – Glows when powered so it's easy to find, even in the dark

360° Rotation – The cable can be easily rotated, preventing tangled cables and broken connectors.

Works With All Brands & Phones - Your phone will work with our cable

Multifunctional - Fits games console controllers, Kindles, tablets, etc too


  • Magnetic charge connector technology - Locks on easily onto your phone
  • iPhone Lightning connector
  • Micro USB connector
  • USB C connector
  • Overcharge Protection built-in
  • Battery protection built-in
  • 1m length/ 3.2 Feet


  • Length: 1 M / 3.2 feet
  • Product Material: Aluminum Alloy, TPE, Copper Core, Led Light
  • Applicable Devices: Android / iOS / TYPE-C

Package Included:

  • 1 x Luminous Magnetic Fast Charging Cable
  • 1 x  Plug  (for Micro USB or iPhone or Type - C) 

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