Medical Finger Pulse Heart Rate Oximeter

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The Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter Saturometer ,is a cutting-edge device designed to provide accurate and reliable health monitoring for users of all ages. This advanced oximeter offers key features that make it an indispensable tool for tracking vital health metrics.

*Accurate and Reliable Detection
*One Button Operation with Four-Way Rotation
*Large and Clear TFT Display
*Visual Alert When Measuring

Empower yourself and your loved ones with the Medical Finger Pulse Oximeter Saturometer. Whether you're at home or traveling, prioritize your health with this compact, reliable device that brings advanced health monitoring to your fingertips.

Accurate and Reliable Detection: Utilizing the latest MCU chip and sensor technology, our oximeter ensures precise readings within ±2%, providing you with trustworthy data on your oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. Get results in just 8 seconds, streamlining the process of health assessments.

Saving Power Consumption: Engineered for daily use, the oximeter boasts the capacity for 250 measurements or more, making it a dependable companion for continuous health monitoring. Its power-efficient design enables 24-hour continuous measurement, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

One Button Operation with Four-Way Rotation: Simplicity meets functionality with our one-button control, enhancing the convenience and ease of use during measurements. The four-way rotation feature adds adaptability, accommodating different usage scenarios and user preferences.

Large and Clear TFT Display: Experience the clarity of a large TFT display featuring four colors and backlighting. This design ensures that your measurement results are not only accurate but also easy to read at a glance, providing a user-friendly experience.

Compact and Portable: Weighing a mere 42g and equipped with a detachable lanyard, our oximeter is incredibly portable, fitting seamlessly into your pocket or backpack. This makes it the perfect companion for individuals on the go, allowing you to prioritize health monitoring wherever you are.

Visual Alert When Measuring: Stay informed with the alert function that notifies you if your SpO2 or pulse rate readings fall below or exceed preset limits. The on-screen flashing alerts ensure that you are promptly aware of any variations, empowering you to take timely action.

Built-in Silicone Protector: Enhance your comfort during measurements with the built-in silicone protector. Featuring a membrane that reduces pressure on the finger, this design ensures that you can achieve accurate readings without sacrificing user comfort.

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Item Type: Oximetry

Material: ABS

Size: TFT

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Customer Reviews

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Yazmin Hammes

Good. super fast delivery. I didn't test it. Works with two AAA batteries.

Anissa Rice

Well built and so far it has been working perfectly well.

Raquel Spinka

Great acquisition, works properly and keeps in days information of our health.

Valerie Schimmel

Great product. For the price it costs, it is amazing and very handy