PreciseCut™ Metal Nibbler Cutter Drill Adaptor

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Cutting Sheet Materials Will Never Be The Same With PreciseCut™ The Incredible Metal Cutter Saw!

Save Tons Of Money And Get The Perfect Metal Cut In Seconds With This Astonishing Tool Designed To Be Used With Any Electric Drill That You Already Have! PreciseCut™ Makes Cutting Metal So Much Easier! It's Light, Compact, And Sleek. Plus, There Are No Cords To Get In The Way. Capable Of Cutting Any Kind Of Thin Metal!

Perfect Metal Cut:  With PreciseCut™ Metal Cutter Saw you can get a perfect metal cut and it's safe! Provides excellent cutting effect without any burrs & edges

Excellent Cutting Speed: PreciseCut™ Metal Cutter Saw was designed with an excellent cutting speed of 2 meters per minute with 3000 RPM. 

Powered by a Hand Drill: This advanced Metal Cutter Saw should be used with an electric drill or air drill. Is extremely easy to power and use!

Light And Compact: PreciseCut™ Fits in nicely in the corner of your toolbox

 Nibble Metal Cutting Double Head Sheet Nibbler Saw Cutter Tool Drill  Attachment Free Cutting Tool Nibbler Sheet Metal Cut|Power Tool  Accessories| - AliExpress
Durable and Sturdy: This innovative and useful Metal Cutter Saw is durable, efficient & safe.

Nibble Metal Cutting Double Head Sheet Nibbler Saw Cutter Tool Drill  Attachment Free Cutting Tool Nibbler Sheet Metal Cut|drill attachment|tool  attachmentsnibbler tool - AliExpress
360 Degrees rotatable Cut: You can easily rotate as you cut the metal sheet by 360 degrees. With this cutter, you will be able to cut out a straight line, curve line, arc line, or any other irregular line and shape that you prefer.

160A Double Head Sheet Metal Cutting Nibble Metal Cutting Nibbler Blade Saw  Cutter Tool Metal Cutting Machine - - 


Material: Metal

Color: Silver + Black

Cutting capacity:

Steel plate: less than equal 1.8mm

Stainless steel plate: less than equal 1.2mm

Copper/aluminum plate: less than equal 2mm

Plastic/fiber plate: less than equal 2mm

Speed: 1500-3000rpm/min

Minimum cutting radius: 12mm

Length: 130mm

Weight: 500g

 Package includes:

1x Wrench

1x Nibbler Cutter

(Drill is not included)

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