Mini Spy HD 1080P Pen Recorder Portable Camera

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This Mini Camera 1080P Pen Recorder may look like something out of a detective movie, but there are plenty of reasons to keep a hidden spy pen on you.

This seemingly ordinary fountain pen comes equipped with a high-tech camera, that let you snap pics, capture audio, and record HD-quality video with the click of a button.

Embrace the power of discreet and versatile recording with the Mini Camera Full HD 1080P Portable Pen Camera. With its sleek design and easy operation, it's the perfect tool to capture, document, and relive life's moments whenever you need to. Discover a new dimension of recording technology today.


Compact and Versatile: Experience the power of discreet surveillance with our Mini Camera Full HD 1080P Portable Pen Camera. Ingeniously designed to look like an everyday pen, this device seamlessly blends into your daily routine, making it the perfect companion for business meetings, lectures, conferences, or travel.

Effortless Operation: Simplicity meets innovation. With just one operation button, using our pen camera is a breeze. Start recording with a single press and stop by pressing again. Easily connect to your computer via USB cable to view your videos.

High-Quality HD Video: Capture moments in stunning detail. This pen camera offers both 1080p HD video and high-resolution imagery, ensuring you always get the clearest shots. Experience true color and quality at 30 frames per second.

Upgrade in Functionality: This isn't just a camera – it's an upgrade. While others may only offer video recording, our pen camera does more. Capture photos, record videos, and even capture audio – all in one versatile device.

Portability Redefined: Carry your memories with you. Whether in your hand or clipped onto a book, this pen camera is designed for on-the-go convenience. Record the highlights of life's special moments wherever you are.

Real Pen Design: Not just a camera, but a functional pen too. Hold it in your hand or clip it onto your belongings – it's as versatile as it is innovative.

Effortless Setup: Embrace the ease of use. A long press for power, a short press to turn off – it's that simple. Designed for quick starts and one-button operations, you'll be recording in seconds.

Expandable Storage: No need to worry about running out of space. The pen camera supports external storage up to 128GB. Enjoy loop recording, with old files automatically replaced by new ones.

Capture in Multiple Ways: Recording, capturing photos, and recording audio – all at your fingertips. Long press for video, press once for a photo, and press twice for voice recording.

Seamless Data Transfer: Access your files effortlessly. Connect the pen camera to your computer using the supplied USB plug, and you're ready to review your recordings.

Continuous Loop Recording: Never miss a moment. With loop recording, your pen camera ensures that you always have space for new memories. Old files are automatically deleted to make room for new ones.

Why do you need this?

To catch a roommate or coworker you suspect is stealing

To gather evidence of a crime or misbehavior

To discretely record video during an undercover investigation

To take important meeting notes at work or in class

Capture video after a fender bender or while you’re pulled over without catching everyone off-guard with your smartphone

To protect your belongings when you aren’t around.

Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080P
Image Pixel: 4032x3024
Video Format: M-JPEG, AVI
Video Coding: M-JPEG
Picture Format: JPG
Image Proportion: 4:3
Charge Voltage: DC 5V 1A/2A
Battery Type: Li-polymer Battery 350 mAh
Charging Time: About >1.5 hours
Working time: About 180 minutes
Memory Medium: Micro--SD Card (TF Card), up to 64GB (not included)
Interface: MINI 8pin USB, TF card slot
Support system: Windows/ MacOS,

Customer questions & answers

① Question: Is the pen camera hard to use?
① Answer: The pen camera designed like a normal pen, just switch the power button, and it will record automatically.

② Question: How to charge pen camera?
② Answer: In the package have a USB cable, you can charge the pen camera by it.

③ Question: What is the difference between others pen camera ?
③ Answer: this one is an upgrade of pen camera. it has 3 functions: take photo, record video and record audio. others maybe only has video recording function.

④ Question: What is the battery capacity of the camera?
④ Answer: The battery is about 200mAh, and it can work about 115 minutes.

⑤ Question: How to use the pen camera?
⑤ Answer: Long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the camera .Press the power button 1 times to take 1 photo(take pictures) . Quickly Press the power button 2 times to begin recording (recording the video and audio)

Packing list:
1* Camera
1* Charging cable
1* Manual

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Customer Reviews

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Karlee Kuphal

Good much more earlier than expected, I love it

Clinton Konopelski

Good product quality

Davonte Ryan

The pen feels great quality and the quality of the photos and videos is wonderful, thanks

Vincent Eichmann

brilliant! thank you!

Josiah Bosco

very good product it shoot video HD and easy to use it also came with an sd card of 64gb i truly recommend this product