Minimalistic Magnetic Wooden Key Holder

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Have you ever lost your keys?  OK, that's a silly question.  Honestly though, it is frustrating having to rush out the door only to realize you can't find your keys.  Many people have bowls or a place they regularly put their keys, but every once in a while they slip somewhere or someone knocks them behind something, which is inconvenient.  What if your keys were suspended, at eye level, where they can't fall behind something, or be knocked over?  That's exactly what the Magnetic Wooden Key Hanger does, it keeps your keys in one spot, and at eye level so you can grab them and go.

Made from wood, this magnetic key hanger will stop you from ever losing your keys again.. Just stick it in a convenient place, put your keys close by and let magnetism take care of the rest!


  • MINIMALIST CHIC DESIGN: This original magnetic key holder is the most stylish on Amazon! The minimalist and chic design will perfectly complement your home decor.
  • NO MORE MISSING KEYS: No more missing keys, no more ugly hooks: Simply stick the key holder onto the wall or onto the fridge and it will make sure your keys stay in place. Never lose your keys again!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Handcrafted with fresh wood and bounded with plant wax oil.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: The key holder can hold up to 2.64 lbs' of weight. Therefore it can hold more than just keys!
  • COMES IN 3 DIFFERENT SIZES & 2 DIFFERENT COLORS: Choose the size that fits YOU the most!
  • VERY EASY TO INSTALL: Just peel the paper on the paper on the back of the holder and apply to any surface.





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