Mitey™ Mite Removal Vacuum Head Attachment

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Attaches to any vacuum cleaner to easily remove mites!

Don't you just hate those pesky dust mites all over your bed, carpets and furniture? Mitey™ Mite Removal Vacuum Head Attachment is a new and innovative way of getting rid of those pests!

Mitey™ Mite Removal Vacuum Head Attachment attaches easily to your own vacuum machine hose and turns it into a mite killing machine!

Use the Mitey™ Mite Removal Vacuum Head Attachment to sterilize your sofas, bed sheets, carpets, curtains, drapes and more!


Mitey™ also removes stubborn dirt, crumbs, pet hair, and sand! It's really the complete package!

It features an internal turbine blade, that propels the dust mites and dirt into the vacuum at a much faster rate than an ordinary attachment. 

* Mitey™ is NOT compatible with Dyson vacuum cleaners.


    •  MULTI PURPOSE: Sterilize your household from the pesky mites. Additionally gets rid of sand, dirt, crumbs and pet hair.
    • WELL MADE: Made of high-strength and environmentally protective material, which is durable and provides a high-performance.
    •  EFFICIENTExterminate dust mites, but also bacteria, germs and harmful allergens without chemicals.
    • UNIVERSAL: Fits most vacuum cleaner heads (Not compatible with Dyson vacuums).
    • ECONOMIC: Powered up by your vacuum cleaner, no need for additional power source.


    • Interface Inner Diameter: 35mm
    • Brush Length:115mm
    • Brush Width: 55mm
    • Total Length: 170mm



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