PTZ 4K HD Dual Lens/ Dual Screen Wifi Ai Smart Camera

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Introducing the 4K PTZ WiFi Camera with Dual Lenses/Dual Screens, and a host of advanced features designed to elevate your outdoor surveillance game.
This cutting-edge camera is a powerful addition to your security setup, offering dual-lens clarity, day and night vision options, and intelligent AI capabilities.

With its impressive pan, tilt, and motion tracking capabilities, you can remotely monitor your property with ease. Choose between flexible connectivity options, store footage locally or in the cloud, and enjoy two-way communication.

Whether you're safeguarding your home or business, this camera delivers unparalleled clarity and control.Explore the future of outdoor surveillance with the 4K PTZ WiFi Camera.

Dual-Lens Clarity: Experience exceptional monitoring with the 8MP 4K PTZ WiFi Camera's dual lens setup. The top lens, featuring a 3.6MM configuration, provides a wide-angle view, perfect for capturing large areas. The bottom lens, also 3.6MM, ensures detailed close-ups. This dual-lens system guarantees comprehensive coverage and versatility for your surveillance needs.

Double the Vision, Double the Reach: This camera's dual-lens, dual-sensor, and dual-screen technology deliver remarkable results. The wide-angle viewing from the top lens enables you to monitor large spaces effectively, while the long-distance capabilities of the bottom lens allow you to capture clear images even from afar. Whether you need to see nearby details or distant objects, this camera has you covered.

Day or Night, Your Choice: With its dual light source design, this camera adapts to any lighting condition. The built-in infrared light provides traditional night vision for low-light environments, while the white light option allows for crisp full-color night vision when needed. This flexibility ensures you capture every detail around the clock, whether in darkness or well-lit conditions.

Pan, Tilt, and Move: Take control with ease using the camera's pan and tilt functionality. With a horizontal pan of 270 degrees and a vertical tilt of 90 degrees, you can remotely adjust the camera's position to view every nook and cranny. This flexibility allows you to respond swiftly to any situation, regardless of where it's happening.

Two-Way Communication: Engage in meaningful conversations with those in front of the camera using the built-in microphone and speaker. The two-way voice intercom feature allows real-time communication, and you can review past interactions through synchronous video recording and playback. Keep in touch wherever you are.

Smart Human Detection: The camera is equipped with advanced AI technology for humanoid detection. When motion is detected, it triggers alarms, app push notifications, and alarm recordings specifically for human activity. This smart alert system ensures you stay informed about important events, reducing false alarms.

Auto Tracking: Let the camera take care of tracking moving objects. When the camera detects motion, it automatically follows the object, ensuring you never miss a moment of action. This feature is particularly useful for tracking individuals or objects within your surveillance area.

User-Friendly App: The "iCSEE" app, available on Google Play and the iOS App Store, provides intuitive control and monitoring of your camera. Enjoy a user-friendly interface with easy access to camera settings and live video feeds, ensuring you can manage your surveillance system effortlessly. Stay connected to your property anytime, anywhere.

Comparison: 4MP vs. 8MP: When choosing between the 4MP and 8MP camera versions, consider that the dual-lens configuration provides even higher clarity and detail. The 8MP version offers exceptional image quality, making it ideal for applications where detailed visuals are crucial.
Dual Lens and Dual Screen: Within the app, you'll find two video screens—one for the fixed position camera view and another for PTZ camera control. This dual-screen setup simplifies monitoring and control, allowing you to switch between views seamlessly.
Durable in Any Environment: Equipped with an IP66 waterproof and dustproof casing, this camera is suitable for various outdoor environments. It can withstand rain, sun, and dust, ensuring it operates reliably and provides security no matter the weather.

Seamless Connectivity: Stay connected effortlessly with multiple connectivity options. The 2.4G WiFi support ensures reliable wireless connectivity, while the RJ45 network port offers a stable wired connection for Internet access. You can adapt the camera's connectivity to suit your specific setup, providing you with peace of mind.
Storage Options: Choose the storage solution that fits your needs. The camera supports TF storage, accommodating up to 128GB TF cards for local backup. Additionally, cloud storage is available through the iCSee app, though it requires an extra fee. These options grant you flexibility in managing your valuable surveillance data.


Viewing Angle : 80°

Video Compression Format: H.265

TF Card:  up to 128G TF Card (not included)

Supported Operating Systems: above Windows 7

Supported Mobile Systems: Android,IOS

Special Features: Waterproof / Weatherproof

Smart home platform: Alexa

Shell Material: Plastic

Sensor Brand: SONY

Sensor: CMOS

Power Supply(V): DC12V

Power Consumption(W): Max 8W

Operating Temperature: -10°-60°

Onvif: Support

Movement Range(Tilt): 0°-360°

Movement Range(Pan): 0°-360°

Megapixels: 8MP

Lens (mm): 2MM

Installation: Side,Wall Mounted

IR Distance(m): 20-30 Meters

IP Rating: IP66

High Definition: 8.0 Megapixels

Features 9: RESET button(at SD Card Slot)

Features 8: Built-in Mic / Speaker

Features 7: Wide Angle

Features 6: Dual screens

Features 5: Dual-Lens

Features 4: Ai Human Detection

Features 3: PAN-TILT Roate

Features 2: Full color + Infrared night vision

Features 10: 2.4GHz WIFI, 5Ghz Not Support

Features 1: Built-in Dual Lens

Dimensions (L x W x D)(mm): As Photo shows.

Connectivity: WIFI

Connection: 2.4G WiFi or RJ45 LAN

Color Night Vision: YES

Cloud Storage: Support (Need to pay for)

Audio Output: Two Way Audio

App name: Other

Alarm Action: telefon Alarm,Email Photo,Local Alarm

AI Functions: Motion Detection

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Customer Reviews

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Nathaniel Leannon

Everything OK, the cameras really are good, high image quality

Laron Nader

Excellent quality!, I do not regret it, good connection with the iCSee app, does not freeze or pass, easy to connect.

I leave photos of during the day, night and night vision.

Excellent audio for speaking, humanoid tracking is very good.

I will buy again without a doubt.

Creola Hudson

Camera with good quality... Good price .. Arrived fast

Felicita Schaefer

Very good camera

Jay Heidenreich

Very good product, excellent image quality, simple assembly both with network cable and in WiFi. Really satisfied. Arrived