Multi-Angle Adjustable Folding Ruler

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For builders and craftsmen,measuring and getting angles (especially the odd ones!) is a real struggle. Good thing there’s this Multi-Angle Adjustable Folding Ruler to help you out. This multi-angle measuring tool has as many as different six rulers, and comes with a detachable drill guide. It’ll help you easily transfer any angle to your work material.

Make quick work of any angle. Detachable rulers and adjustable knobs let you measure every shape and angle with immense precision. With this ruler, you no longer have to make repetitive measurements. You can create custom stencils/layout that you can easily transfer on your work material. 


Features and benefits:

  • Works on any material. Use it to mark or measure tiles, woods, bricks, metals, stones, laminates, and more.
  • Built-in drill guide allows you to measure and drill holes on any materials or measure pipes and screws.  
  • Durable than ever. Made of 100% aluminum alloy, it’s durable, sturdier, and has a longer life than the regular plastic multi-angle rulers. No longer will you have to worry about your ruler breaking due to excessive bending or rusting. And the markings (inches & cm) are laser engraved to make sure they last longer and won’t easily fade away.
  • A great addition to anyone’s toolbox. This upgraded multi-angle measuring ruler is the most practical gift you can give to weekend warrior friend or husband, student, engineer, architect, builder, craftsman, DIYer, and carpenter.

Its super Easy to use: Simply place the Multi Folding Angle Ruler onto your work area, slide the rulers into the shape needed, tighten the knobs, and start measuring. Use it to create bull eyes, arches, plumb cuts, or for floor coverings, laying tiles, roof repairs or any project you can think of.

Material: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel
Size: length 17.5 cm/6.89", scale: 12 cm/4.72"

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