Anti-Slip+Mat Phone Holder & Temporary Parking Plate

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Are you tired of placing things on your car dashboard and having them fall down when the car moves?

The honeycomb base allows you easily place whatever items you need and remain in place as the car moves. The phone holder has a 360° base that you can rotate and adjust to your needs. and with the Temporary Parking Plate will enable you to leave your contact number in a more manner way, in a situation where you need to double park due to emergency

This ingenious Multi-Functional Anti-Slip Mat Phone Holder is an excellent solution for those who want to place things on the board and have a phone holder at the same time!

360° Degrees adjustable Phone holder: 
The phone holder is extremely comfortable to use and you have 360° to meet different visual angles according to your needs.

Temporary Parking Plate: Have you ever been in a situation where you need to double park due to emergency?
Can't manage to find a pen and paper for leaving down your name and contact?
Here's the innovative product for you, introducing the Temporary Parking Plate
which enable you to leave your contact number in a more manner way

Strong Base: The honeycomb base has strong adhesion and is firm and does not move.
Anti-Slip Mat: Easily holds mobile phones, sunglasses & small items in the car, utilizing a heavy-duty silicone base that curves to the shape of your dashboard.

Extra Safety: Avoid distraction by having your items on the dashboard falling or rolling when driving to maintain road safety.
Material: PVC
Color: Black
Material Type: Silica gel
Package includes: 1*protective pad/1 set of number plate holder/bracket

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Name Schoen

Excellent product, thank you!