Multi-Functional DIY Car Interior Self-Adhesive Suede Fabric

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This Amazing Self-Adhesive Suede Fabric Helps Repair The Scratches, Cracks, And Holes Of The Car Ceiling, Steering Wheel, Car Tapestry, And More!

It Is A Seamless And Durable Repair! Simply Cut It Into Any Shape You Like And Cover Eyesore Scratches Or Gouges To Restore Any Surface Effortlessly. 

It Is Extremely Easy To Use, Just Peel, Stick, And Allow It To Dry For 24 Hours.

* Quick Fix
* Seamless Repair
* Custom Size Application
* Durable
Get It Now And Bring Your Old Car Back To Life!

Introducing Meetee Suede Fabric Self-Adhesive Cloth – the Ultimate Solution for Car Interior Modification and DIY Upholstery Repair!

Revitalize your car's interior with our incredible self-adhesive suede fabric. Whether you're dealing with scratches, cracks, or holes on the car ceiling, steering wheel, or tapestry, Meetee Suede Fabric is your seamless and durable repair companion. This versatile fabric allows you to effortlessly cut it into any shape, covering unsightly imperfections and restoring surfaces with ease.

Multi-Functional: Not just limited to car interiors, Meetee Suede Fabric works wonders on leather, vinyl, and various upholstery fabrics. Use it to enhance car seats, sofas, handbags, suitcases, and certain jackets.

Seamless Repair: Designed to cover holes without curling, this fabric conforms to uneven surfaces with excellent adhesion. Achieve a professional-looking repair that seamlessly blends into your car's interior.

Quick Fix: Say goodbye to the hassle of time-consuming repairs. Our suede fabric provides a quick fix for scratches and gouges, ensuring your car's interior looks impeccable in no time.
Custom Size Application: Tailor the fabric to your specific needs by easily cutting it into different shapes using scissors. Enjoy the flexibility to address various repair requirements with precision.
Easy to Use: The self-adhesive backing simplifies the application process. Just peel, stick, and press the fabric onto the damaged area. Allow it to dry for 24 hours or more for a secure and long-lasting bond.
Durable Quality: Crafted from high-quality suede fabric, our product is waterproof and built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. Enjoy a durable solution that ensures longevity and reliability.

Don't miss out on the chance to bring your old car back to life! Invest in Meetee Suede Fabric Self-Adhesive Cloth today and experience the convenience of a quick, seamless, and customized repair solution.

Material: Flannel

  • 30x143 cm = 11.81x56.30 inches
  • 40x143 cm = 15.75x56.30 inches
  • 50x143 cm = 19.69x56.30 inches
  • 100x143 cm = 39.37x56.30 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Chadrick Gusikowski

Very nice

Mustafa Larson

Really good material… would buy again

Katelin Veum

excellent quality, lends itself very well, thank you!!

Terrill Kessler

very good, very good quality, glue adheres nicely, very satisfied

Hermina Roberts

Amazing!! Looks extremely good and pretty easy to wrap, if you misplace it you can just pull up and place again. Super happy with the product, and for that price!!