Multi-functional Spiral Slicer Food Chopper

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It is now extremely easy to thinly chop any vegetable!

The Multi-functional Spiral Slicer Food Chopper will slice your veggies with a pull of a single string. Gone are the days of hurting and cutting your fingers trying to chop veggies with knives.

Simply place your roughly cut vegetables inside, and let the Multi-functional Spiral Slicer Food Chopper do its magic!


Cutting rotator with 2 ultra-sharp stainless iron blades for fast and even chopping
Pull cord is easy and ideal for chopping food, with anti-skid base and transparent body.
Perfect for slicing vegetable/fruit salads, cutting various foods , chopping herbs, veggies, pesto and more. 
Safe and convenient for use, making vegetable preparation fun and easy; easy to clean after use.

Color: White + Light Green + Tranparent
Material: Stainless Iron + ABS + PP
Item Size: 12.5 * 12.5 * 8.5cm / 4.92 * 4.92 * 3.35in (L * W * H)
Item Weight: 194g / 6.86oz
Package Size: 13 * 9.5 * 13cm / 5.12 * 3.74 * 5.12in (L * W * H)
Package Weight: 270g / 9.54ozPlastic-Spiral-Slicer-Vegetable-Cutter-Meat-Fruit-Cutter-Mixer-Salad-Crusher-Food-Kitchen-Food-Chopper-Spiral-Slicer-KC1412 (6)Plastic-Spiral-Slicer-Vegetable-Cutter-Meat-Fruit-Cutter-Mixer-Salad-Crusher-Food-Kitchen-Food-Chopper-Spiral-Slicer-KC1412 (5)Plastic-Spiral-Slicer-Vegetable-Cutter-Meat-Fruit-Cutter-Mixer-Salad-Crusher-Food-Kitchen-Food-Chopper-Spiral-Slicer-KC1412 (7)Plastic-Spiral-Slicer-Vegetable-Cutter-Meat-Fruit-Cutter-Mixer-Salad-Crusher-Food-Kitchen-Food-Chopper-Spiral-Slicer-KC1412 (9)Plastic-Spiral-Slicer-Vegetable-Cutter-Meat-Fruit-Cutter-Mixer-Salad-Crusher-Food-Kitchen-Food-Chopper-Spiral-Slicer-KC1412 (10)

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