Multifunction 10 in 1 Military Camping Survival Compass

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  • 10 functions in a compact tool: Flashlight, compass, thermometer, whistle, mirror, magnifying glass, and more.
  • It is a good tool for outdoor sports like hiking, camping, biking and spelunking.
  • Tiny and portable, you will not need to take too many heavy necessary tools for your outdoor sports.


  1. Thermometer: measure for ambient temperature. (-20-60c)
  2. Hygrometer: measure for ambient relative humidity.
  3. LED light: it is convenient for you to use at night. Replace battery: (1)take out the magnifier and ruler (2)loosen three screws (3)change battery
  4. Reflector: call for help in the countryside, reflect sunlight to sent out the light singnal.
  5. Spirit Level: determine level condition
  6. Compass: measure for magnetic azimuth (relative function of compass acquire data at horizontal and vertical level.)
  7. Whistle: call for help in countryside, sent out the sound signal, (use tappet to push out whistle from the third hole at the left side)
  8. Flint fire starter: survival by make fire (use tappet to push out flint form  the second hole at the side)
  9. Magnifier: find a coordinate on a map.
  10. Ruler: measure distance



Package Content:

  • 1 x 10 in 1 Outdoor tool



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