Multi functional Nano Coating Spray

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Nano Technology is Just SO Amazing! Introducing the Multipurpose Hydrophobic Nano Coating Spray, which will make ANY surface water-resistant!

The Multi functional Nano Coating Spray protects your car from salt fog corrosion, bird drops, UV light, scratches, stone chips and iron powder etc. Its Hydrophobic effect causes water to bead up and roll off the surface. And the sacrificial coated on the surface can be used as a coat of the barrier.

You can also use the Multi functional Nano Coating Spray for protecting your shoes, clothing, furniture and mirrors. 

This is a Hydrophobic coating agent, which causes water to bead up and roll off the surface. This keep you safe while driving in bad weather.


Use this amazing spray on your car, your kitchen, your toilet sink and bathroom floor, shoes and clothings, paper and towels, almost ANYTHING that you can think of!
The Multi functional Nano Coating Spray also serves as an anti-scratch agent that protects your car paint, and increases its brightness.

    More Features:

    • MULTI FUNCTION: Available for car use, as well as shoes and furniture.
    • A HIGH QUALITY: Shining Lotus effect, self-cleaning coating. Can be applied to glass, ceramics, plastic and metal.
    • EFFECTIVE AND LONG LASTING: The Hydrophobic serves as an anti-rain agent that keep your sight clear when driving on rainy days, making you safer. Stainproof and long lasting, this coating spray lasts for weeks!
    • RAINPROOF AND WATERPROOF: Professional anti-rain coating agent. Cleans and polishes all glass, ceramics, plastic and metal. Reliably protects glass surfaces from rain and other liquids.
    • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Anti-rain agent that can be applied on a verity of objects including: Vehicles, car interiors, windows, windshields, mirrors, motorbike helmets, visors etc.

    It's a total must-have for your home and your car!


    1. Clean the surface and prepare it for application.
    2. Make sure that the surface isn't wet, and keep it away from any moisture.
    3. Give the spray can a couple of shakes and apply to the desired area with enough amount for smearing.
    4. Smother the surface with a sponge or towel until every area is covered with the coating agent.
    5. Wait 3-5 minutes. Afterwards, wipe the relevant areas with a dry towel.
    6. Watch the water ball up and roll off!

    Package includes:
    1 X Multi functional Coating Agent (50ml)

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