Multipurpose 7-IN-1 Level/Laser Horizon/Measuring Tape Tool

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The Multipurpose 7-IN-1 Level/Laser Horizon/Measuring Tape Tool gets all your levels accurate and precise in just 1 switch! 

Eliminate guess works and estimates, be accurate 100%! It is multi-functional, designed perfectly, tough and tested, and lightweight at the same time, perfect for any job that requires a straight line or accurate measurement.


  • ✔ WORKS ANYWHERE - designed for any situation where a straight line or accurate measurements are needed, such as measuring locations on a wall, space between hangers, level the nails. Regardless of the situation, it's completely plug & play.

  • ✔ 8-FOOT Measuring Tape - comes loaded with an 8-foot measure that includes imperial and metric linear measures, with graduations down to 1/32" and 1mm.

  • ✔ BACKUP BATTERY - ships with 3 x AG 13 button-cells battery, just to make sure you keep going with maximum convenience.

  • ✔ IDEAL For Any Job That Requires A Straight Line Or Accurate Measurement; Make a Father's Day Gift - This would be a great Dad's Day gift! Lucky June 18th, return fatherly love!

Projects horizontal or vertical laser light beam 

Locking 8-foot measuring tape.
Standard and metric rulers 
Laser light has an on/off power switch.
Laser max output: less than 0.5mW
Powered by 3*AG13 button cell battery (included)

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