Multipurpose Self-Adhesive Cable Organizer

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Tired Of Having Too Many Cables On Your Desk? Looking To Clean But The Cables Won’t Let You? 

Upgrade your cable management game with our Multipurpose Cable Organizer. Experience the joy of a tidy and organized space while enjoying the convenience and versatility this product has to offer. Say goodbye to cable chaos and welcome a clutter-free environment.

Messy Cables Are Now Part Of The Distant Past With This Brilliant Multipurpose Cable Organizer! This Nice-Looking Tool Can Be Easily Fixed On Your Desk. 

Now You Can Rearrange Messy Cables, Stop Them From Falling Down, Separate Them, And Finally Have A Clean And Tidy Environment While You Work.

Tidy And Organized
Keep your cables neat, tidy, and organized with our Multipurpose Cable Organizer. No more tangled wires or messy cables cluttering your workspace. This innovative product is designed to streamline your cable management and create a clean, organized environment for your devices.

Self-adhesive: Stick and Stay
With its self-adhesive backing, this cable organizer is incredibly easy to install. Simply peel off the protective film and stick it to any clean and smooth surface. Whether it's your desk, wall, or entertainment center, the self-adhesive feature ensures a secure and long-lasting attachment.

Strong Adhesive: Reliable and Durable
Our Multipurpose Cable Organizer comes with a strong adhesive that guarantees a reliable hold. Say goodbye to cable organizers that easily detach or lose their grip. This strong adhesive ensures that your cables stay in place, even with regular movement or adjustments.Comes with a 3M sticker that easily adheres to all surfaces.

Two-Level Adjustment: Customizable to Your Needs
We understand that not all cables are the same width. That's why our cable organizer features a two-level adjustment system. Easily adjust the height of each cable slot to accommodate different cable lengths. This versatility allows you to create a customized cable management solution tailored to your specific needs.

Non-Slip Base: Stability at its Best
The non-slip base of our Multipurpose Cable Organizer provides stability and prevents it from sliding or moving around. This ensures that your cables remain in place and won't get tangled or disorganized, even if accidentally bumped or jostl

Universal Application: Fit for All Cables
No matter what type of cables you have, our Multipurpose Cable Organizer can handle them all. It is designed to accommodate various cable sizes, including USB cables, charging cords, HDMI cables, and more. Enjoy the convenience of having all your cables neatly organized in one place.

Versatile: Beyond Cable Management
While cable management is its primary function, our Multipurpose Cable Organizer offers even more versatility. You can also use it to organize other items like pens, headphones, or even small tools. Its flexible design allows for endless possibilities to declutter your space.


Material: Plastic
Color: Black/White/Transparent
1 Holes: 4.2mm*8.8mm*3.6mm
5 Holes:51.5mm*20mm-12mm
8 Holes:72mm*20mm-12mm
10 Holes:83mm*20mm*16mm

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Abby Wyman

arrived very fast! I recommend it :)

Ramona Stark

Excellent product. As described.

Iliana Gulgowski

perfect, thanks