Nail Fungus Treatment Set - Dual Laser Device with Herbal Extracts Serum

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Discover the ultimate remedy for nail fungus with our advanced Nail Fungus Laser  Device & herbal extracts Treatment  Set !

Combining powerful blue light and infrared cold laser technology, this device effectively reduces nail discomfort and swelling while preventing nail peeling, toenail thickening, and other common issues.

The blue light rapidly penetrates the nail plate to target fungus, while the infrared laser enhances repair and forms a protective layer against secondary infections.

Containing herbal extracts, this treatment delivers rich nutrition to the nails, promoting their repair function and gradually restoring smoothness and luster. 

Easy to use and portable, our treatment ensures a painless, at-home treatment for healthy, beautiful nails. enjoy fungus-free nails with our innovative laser technology & herbal extracts, Order your Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Set today!
Improves Toenail Health: The Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device significantly improves toenail health. This advanced treatment softens embedded toenails and callus tissue, preventing ingrown toenails. It simplifies nail clipping and supports healthy nail regeneration and straightening, making it easier to maintain your toenails at home.

The Power of Dual-Light Technology:

The blue light treatment utilizes high-frequency blue light to penetrate the nail plate quickly, reaching the affected areas and inhibiting fungal growth. This rapid penetration is key to stopping the spread of fungus and initiating the healing proc

The Infrared Cold Laser complements this by enhancing the repair of damaged nail areas. This non-invasive laser technology reduces discomfort and swelling, preventing further nail issues. Together, these treatments create a robust defense against nail fungus.

Deep Penetration capabilities allow the device to form a protective layer over your nails, reducing the risk of secondary infections. This protective barrier is crucial for maintaining long-term nail health and preventing recurring problems.Inhibiting fungus growth is essential for healing, and our device excels in this aspect. It not only targets existing fungal infections but also supports the natural healing process, helping your nails recover and stay healthy.

Herbal Extracts for Comprehensive Care: Containing herbal extracts, this treatment is suitable for onychomycosis, atrophy, uneven surfaces, layered thickening, yellowing, cover loss, cloudy discoloration, and other nail problems. It delivers rich nutrition to the nails, promoting their repair function and gradually restoring smoothness and luster.

Suitable for All: Safe and effective for all, this treatment effectively relieves ingrown toenail pain without causing further irritation. It uses selected natural ingredients to ensure both safety and effectiveness, providing peace of mind for users of any one.

How to use :
Place the nail with fungal infection into the machine, turn on the switch, and leave the nail for 7-10 minutes. Continuous use can effectively eliminate the fungus. After the laser treatment, apply the Herbal Extracts serum for optimal results.

Convenient for At-Home Use:
This device is designed for easy at-home use. Simply apply the treatment drops onto the affected toenail daily using the applicator until the nail can be easily removed from the groove and trimmed. The drops work to soften and soothe the nails, facilitating easy nail removal and care from the comfort of your home.

Easy to use while traveling: The device is compact and portable, making it easy to use while traveling. It also features a user-friendly interface with adjustable settings for personalized treatment. The non-invasive laser technology ensures a painless experience, promoting faster recovery and healthier nails.


Nail care essential oil (10ml) * 1+Nail Laser device * 1

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Customer Reviews

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Name Cartwright

I'm definetly seeing results since I started using this device. Used many solutions (tea tree, fungal ointments, etc) and this by far is working the best!

Jayce McLaughlin

package arrived fast and on time. hoping in time this will work

Alycia Metz

After doing some research on effective nail fungus laser units, I learned that you need to have the appropriate level of heat needed to actually kill the fungus. Happy to report that this system does and so far it feels like it is doing the job.

Wilton Volkman

It works well fits well, looking like it will be great change with continued use.

Edwin Bogisich

Been using this now for a few weeks and I can already see improvement.