ComfortDrive™ Neck / Lumbar Support Cushion

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The Ingenious ComfortDrive™ Neck & Lumbar Support Cushion Will Keep Your Neck & Back Aligned And In Healthier Shape Than Your Normal Car Seat. Protect Your Back And Feel The Relief And Comfort Of Having The Proper Posture While Driving. Wide Compatibility With Most Car Seats. Designed With Premium Memory Foam To Provide You With The Best Driving Experience.
*Available For Neck And Lumbar Support*

How Does a Lumbar Support Work?
The whole spinal column can become misaligned when the lumbar spine is not properly positioned. A lack of lumbar support not only puts pressure on the discs of the lower back but also impacts the upper back and shoulders, causing shoulders to round. This forward posture deterioration causes pain in the lumbar spine along the lower back and places pressure on the shoulders and neck. That tension leads to stress on the discs of the back, pinched nerves, inflammation, and forward head posture, all of which can cause pain.
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Provides Lumbar Support: 
Lumbar support cushions mitigate this problem by stabilizing the lumbar curve. When the lumbar curve is stabilized, it aligns the lower spine and pushes the abdomen slightly forward. This realignment brings back the shoulders and neck, reducing pain and improving posture, having a positive effect on spine health both during and after use.

Designed To Provide Comfort: Finely designed with premium materials that are durable, soft, and comfortable to touch.undefined
Quality Memory Foam: Designed with the highest quality memory foam to provide the most comfortable support for the neck and back.
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Wide Compatibility: Created with a stretch band that suits most sizes of car seats.
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Easy To Install:  Designed to have a quick and convenient installation.

Ergonomic curve design: Enjoy comfort as you drive with the ergonomic curved design that fits the natural shape of your body to give you a more comfortable driving experience.


Available in PU Leather or Cloth Cover
Material: PU + memory cotton
Neck protection:
Length * width * thickness 28.5* 20* 11 cm
Length * width * thickness 11.2* 7.8* 4.3 cm
Lumbar Support:
Length * width * thickness 41 * 32 * 11 cm
Length * width * thickness 16.1* 12.5* 4.3 cm

Note: The lumbar cushion and the neck cushion are not sold together as a set, if you wish to have them both, you need to add to the cart the desired model of the neck cushion and the desired model of the lumbar cushion. 

Package includes
:  1 pc Neck / Lumbar Support Cushion

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