Universal 360° Rotation 3 Modes Faucet Extender

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Introducing our innovative Faucet Extender - a game-changer for your kitchen sink. With three water-saving modes and a 360° swivel feature, it adapts to your washing needs seamlessly.

Crafted from durable materials like rustproof ABS and solid brass, it promises longevity.

Easy installation and maintenance ensure hassle-free upgrading. Say hello to enhanced functionality with our Faucet Extender.

Water Saving Options: Experience versatility with three modes of water-saving options at your fingertips. With two buttons and three distinct modes, this faucet extender offers a solution tailored to your needs. Effortlessly switch between running water, a strong water spray, and a gentle water mist with a simple press of the toggle button.
Adaptable Functionality: Whether you're rinsing delicate fruits or scrubbing stubborn stains, this faucet accessory adapts to every washing requirement. Say goodbye to limitations as you effortlessly switch between running water, a strong water spray, and a gentle water mist with a simple press of the toggle button.

360° Swivel Functionality: Revolutionize your kitchen sink experience with the 360° swivel functionality of this accessory. Featuring a ball head adjustment, the faucet head effortlessly rotates to cover every corner of your sink. Say goodbye to inaccessible spots and hello to efficient cleaning. From dishes and pots to fruits and vegetables, the swivel design ensures thorough cleaning without the hassle of water splashing around.
Durable Construction: Crafted from rustproof ABS and solid brass, this faucet extender ensures durability and reliability. The solid brass swivel head guarantees longevity, while the high-quality ABS material of the faucet spray is both explosion-proof and freeze-proof, making it resilient against harsh conditions. With protective surface painting to prevent rust and corrosion, this accessory is built to withstand daily use.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Upgrade your kitchen effortlessly with simple installation and maintenance features. Just replace your old faucet diffuser with this versatile extender, eliminating the need for complex remodeling projects. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable center mesh kitchen faucet spray head. Use the provided removal tool for quick maintenance, ensuring a long lifespan for your attachment. Additionally, included rubber ring gaskets prevent water leaks, providing peace of mind.


Material: ABS + Brass

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Jewell Dooley

Very good product. Recommended

Dimitri Blanda

Duge cool!