Nordic Style Ceramic Modern Creative Flower Vase

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Turn your house into an art museum! This exquisite handmade female body Ceramic Art Vase has a wide range of uses. When used as a vase, it can be used to add dried flowers, artificial flowers, and green plants. 

It can also be simply used as a pen holder, bedroom decoration, or shelf sculpture. Use them to add an artistic creative touch to your living spaces.
Introducing our Nordic Style Ceramic Vase – a Modern Body Art Masterpiece for Unique Home Decor

Elevate your living space with the sophistication of our Nordic Style Ceramic Vase, a captivating fusion of modern design and artistic flair. Crafted from high-quality ceramics and fired at high temperatures, this vase boasts a simple yet elegant white color, exquisite details, and outstanding durability. With a commitment to quality, health, and environmental friendliness, our ceramic vase is a confident choice for your home decor needs.

High-Quality Craftsmanship: Our art vase is meticulously crafted from premium ceramics, ensuring a flawless finish and a sturdy structure. Fired at high temperatures, it exhibits exceptional hardness, delivering a product of superior quality that you can trust.

Unique Modern Bohemian Design: A tribute to the beauty of the female silhouette, this vase is a carefully designed modern Bohemian masterpiece. Created by professional designers, it emanates a simple, carefree style that effortlessly transforms any room in your home. Its uniqueness adds character and charm to your living space.

Versatile Home Decoration: This handmade female body model vase is a versatile piece of art. Use it as a stunning vase for dried flowers, artificial blooms, or green plants, adding a touch of nature to your surroundings. Alternatively, repurpose it as a stylish pen holder, bedroom decoration, or shelf sculpture. Whether placed in the living room, balcony, entrance, bedroom, or study, this vase becomes a beautiful focal point in any setting.

Enrich your home with the timeless elegance and artistic expression of our Nordic Style Ceramic Vase. Transform your living spaces into a haven of creativity and style. Purchase now to experience the perfect blend of modern sophistication and functional beauty for your home.


Material: Ceramic

Color: White

Size: As shown

Packing List:

  • 1 x Ceramic Vase

A: 3.15 x 7.48 inches /8x19CM

B:  2.95 x 7.28 inches / 7.5x17.5CM

C: 5.12 x 6.89 inches./ 13x 17.5cm

D: 5.63x8.46 inches. / 14.3x21.5cm

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Customer Reviews

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Vladimir Barton

Very beautiful vase, I love it!

Sophie Harber

Absolutely in love with this vase. Amazing quality.

Earlene Thompson

As I wanted, an excellent vase, came whole!