Splitterator™ DIY Damaged Nut Splitter & Remover Tool

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This Ingenious Tool Works On Even The Toughest Nuts And Bolts! It's Made With A High-Quality Forged Steel Frame And Hardened Steel Cutter. The Nut Splitter Is Designed To Split The Nuts Without Destroying The Attached Bolt Threads. It Is Lightweight, Compact, Durable, And Easy To Use!

This Heavy-duty Nut Splitter Set Is A Huge Time Saver That Will Work On Stubborn Damaged Nuts, Bolts, And Screws!

Heavy Duty: When working on nuts and bolts that are rusted or jammed, you can hardly remove it with an ordinary wrench or socket. This heavy-duty Nut Splitter Set is a huge time saver that will work on stubborn damaged nuts, bolts, and screws!

Time Saver:
Huge time saver when removing frozen, rusted, or rounded nuts
For the removal of damaged or corroded nuts without damaging the bolt thread.
Maximum Effectiveness And Durability:
The Nut Splitter Set is manufactured with a hardened steel chisel and a large driving screw, for maximum effectiveness and durability.

Easy To Use: Just place the cutting part on the nut and connect the drill to the other end, this blade will split the nut into two. It is also possible to use it manually with a wrench key. 

Material: Steel.
Color: Silver + Black.
Weight: 175 / 405 / 1550g.


Length: 80mm/Bot Diameter: 12mm

Length: 102mm/Bot Diameter: 14mm

Length: 130mm/Bot Diameter: 18mm

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