Emergency Waterproof Thermal Sleeping Bag

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In the next 20 seconds you're going to discover a very common misconception about surviving a disaster millions of people simply don't know.

Once you learn this fact you'll automatically know the simple steps to take that'll help you confidently overcome a common survival situation that could kill you in minutes.

Despite what most people believe - the first pieces of survival gear you should own has nothing to do with food or water!

That's right. Food and water aren't nearly as important as most people believe.

That's because you can go 2-3 days without water and 1-3 weeks without food and still escape with your life.

What's more deadly, and what kills more people year after year after year is exposure to the elements. If you're not prepared to deal with exposure your life will be hanging by a thread within 15 minutes.

Introducing The Emergency Waterproof Sleeping Bag one of the most useful and most underrated survival tools on the planet.

This Emergency Aid is one of the most advanced survival tools on the planet.

And once you see who had a hand in designing the materials used to make it you'll understand why.

The reason it is so amazing is because it uses a lightweight material invented by NASA to keep you protected from death by exposure.

Popularly known as Mylar, NASA designed this material to help keep astronauts and sensitive materials warm in the sub-zero temperatures they encountered in space...so you can imagine how well it'll work here on earth.

Once they released the technology to the public survivalists started to use the same material in emergency survival sleeping bags. You've probably seen a few of them before.

Well this Emergency Sleeping Bag IS NOT just another run of the mill emergency sleeping bag - it's much different (and much better) and here are a few reasons why.

Because this space-age fabric reflects 90% of your body heat back to you it makes it so once you're inside this Emergency Sleeping Bag you're instantly wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. This means when you use the Emergency Sleeping Bag in situations where the temperature has plunged to dangerously low levels you're still warm and protected.

Want to know another huge benefit of the Emergency Sleeping Bag?

It's incredibly lightweight and compact.

When stuffed inside its included stuff sack the Emergency Sleeping Bag is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. That's pretty incredible, isn't it?

Plus it only weighs 6.2 ounces. Which means you can take the Emergency Sleeping Bag with you absolutely anywhere and you'll never once have to worry about its bulk or weight giving you problems.

Material: Mylar
Size: Opened up dimensions are 200cm x 120cm( 78.9 x 47.2in )

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