Paint Coating/Rust Stripping Grinding Discs (3 pcs)

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These stripping Discs are extremely versatile and can be used in many applications where quick cleaning and stripping are required.

These durable clean and strip discs make easy work out of removing paint, rust, scaling, oxidation, and cleaning welds.

The strip discs are more rigid making them ideal for faster material removal and irregular surfaces.

A great choice for auto body shops requiring fast removal of paint and undercoating

Faster Material Removal:
Ideal for removing, lacquer and paint coating on wood, stone, metal, and fiberglass surfaces

Durable Material:
High-strength and high wear-resisting honeycomb soft body mold formed by a special process of resin elastomer and high-quality corundum

High-Quality Design:
High resilience and resistance to tension, strong toughness, good shockproof and cushioning performance. Clog resistant, Strong water resistance, strips fast, and can be used for all coating and surfaces. Less dust and low noise.

Protects the original surface:
Very fast strip removal of paint or rust WITHOUT damaging the original surface.

Why is the Strip Disc so effective:
The discs are manufactured from polyfibre and impregnated with coarse-grain silicon carbide. After that, they are strengthened with synthetic resin. This combination results in an abrasive material with an open structure. It is sharp and flexible and doesn’t clog with shavings so you can continue sanding easily.

Material: stainless steel, Aluminum
package includes : 3 x Paint Coating/Rust Stripping Grinding Discs
Color: black, purple, blue
Diameter: approx. 125mm /4.92in ,115mm/4.52in
Bore size: approx. 22mm/0.86in
Grit: 40 grit (medium grit)
Max. rpm:12200, 80m/s

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