Trophy™ Ping Pong Set With Retractable Table Net

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 Are You A Ping Pong Fan? Get All The Necessary Equipment In One Convenient Shot. Suitable For Players Of All Skill Levels, But Are Ideal For Beginners And The Casual Player. Includes Table Net, Two Rackets, And 4 Ping Pong Balls For An Incredible Game With Your Friends! This Is The Perfect Set To Boost Your Talent And Have A Great Time!

🏓EASY TO INSTALL:  The net can fit on any table board, and turn into a tennis table! The Portable Table Tennis Net is retractable and designed with a spring clip system, that is easy to set up 

🏓BOOST YOUR GAME AT ANY LEVEL: Anyone from a beginner to an avid player can benefit from a quality ping pong game with this amazing functional set that you can install in any table any time you need. 

🏓ENHANCED CONTROL: These rackets are made with speedier rebounds. You’ll soon be smooth, assured, and dominate your game as you practice.

🏓RETRACTABLE DESIGN: The Retractable net easily expands and retracts for easy storage in order to make it more convenient and save space.

🏓QUALITY GEAR: If you’re not the most accomplished player in the group, it’s reassuring to know you’re not missing out on quality gear that will help your game

🏓IDEAL FOR KIDS FROM 8 TO 80: Great for the whole extended family! The kids can learn on these paddles while the parents will appreciate the premium quality. They’ll stand up to occasionally being left outdoors.

🏓HIGH ELASTICITY RACKET SURFACE: Designed to be double-sided with premium materials, the table tennis rackets provide excellent control and spin while playing table tennis games. 


Packing (Full set ):
1 pair of rackets
1 * Telescopic table tennis net rack
2 * Table tennis Balls 
1 * Storage bag

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