Plasma Light Novelty USB Electric Magic Ball

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It doesn't matter if you love science or magic because this item is a little bit of both. It can be a perfect gift since it is quite impossible to go wrong with this really nice and cool present.

You can check how this thing works below. Or not, if you're not on the technical side. Anyway this is definitely something to be experienced!


  • Made of glass, plastic and it contains an inert gas, which is completely harmless
  • CE,CCC,RoHS certification
  • Diameter:  3 inches 
  • Powered By: USB Port

Working principle:

1. High-resistant spherical glass shell, filled with inert gas, placed on a base sheltering a power converter, an electric field oscillating circuit and an electrode.

2. The converted electrical current 12V DC voltage is applied to the circuit.

3. The electric field oscillating circuit generates a high-frequency voltage, that produces ionization of the rarefied gas, and causing the 'lightning' and glowing.

4. Linear light glow occurs, colorful, radiant, looking amazing in the dark.

5. When the hand (people connected to earth) touches the ball, the potential distribution is no longer uniform, so that the light becomes brighter in the places where the fingers or the hand touch the ball. The electrical arc follows the movements of the fingers and the light seems to start dancing. Something worth experiencing!



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