StarlightSky™ Car Ceiling Atmosphere USB Night Light

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Want to have the most inspiring and romantic atmosphere at night but don't know how?

 StarlightPlay™ Romantic Ceiling USB Night Light! is the perfect item to create the most exciting and vibrant atmosphere anywhere! This small lightweight device is so amazing that the lights change with the intensity of sound when you listen to a song!

Lighting changes with the intensity of sound.When you listen to a song, the light changes with sound. You can make settings, adjust the density of the light to change the effect of the light.

Plug and Play-Easy to create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere for Listen to music alone, party, disco, dance party, pajama party, and Holiday, Wedding, Christmas, Karaoke, DJ, Halloween, Get together.It is also a favorite toy for children.

It makes the night more exciting, gives a vehicular panoramic sky ceiling light and increases the fun of driving.

Beautiful and Romantic: The sky star dreamlike atmosphere is a perfect addition to create more inspiration and fun anywhere you go.


Let your children enjoy the road, study the color change, dance with the music, sing to change the color, etc. Turn the journey into a party!

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