Female Portable Urine Mini Toilet Combo Set

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Benefits of Portable Urine Mini Toilet Set:
Using both products as a set offers a comprehensive restroom solution, catering to various preferences and situations.

Whether you require a quick and discreet option (funnel) or a more comprehensive toilet (pocket toilet), this combo set has you covered. It ensures emergency preparedness, allowing you to navigate challenging environments without worrying about restroom availability.

With this combo set, you can confidently venture into the great outdoors or navigate urban life, knowing you have reliable and discreet restroom solutions at your disposal, providing peace of mind for any adventure.


No more trekking to the restroom in the middle of the night or wandering into the bug infested wilderness to squat in privacy when nature calls. Now you can stand up and go without having to drop your pants completely.

It's so simple, anyone can use it. The flexible funnel fits comfortably to your body to make a reliable seal. Designed to prevent leaks and spills, the long spout allows for easy aiming and no splash-back. Compatible with pants.



💘 COMPACT AND DISCREET: Urine funnel is small and light so you can take it everywhere you go. Roll up and place it in the drawstring pouch to keep clean and out of sight in your purse, pocket or backpack. Bounces back into shape when you need to use it.

💘 HYGIENIC AND SAFE TO USE: Made from durable, antimicrobial, medical-grade silicone. Resistant to moisture and germs. Fully machine washable so it’s easy to clean and can be used again and again. Free from latex, phthalates, BPAs and other harmful chemicals.
💘 NEVER SIT ON OR HOVER OVER A PUBLIC TOILET AGAIN: Think of a filthy port-a-potty at a music festival or grimy restroom at a gas station. Removes the yuck factor so you can go to the bathroom no matter how gross it is and still protect your personal health.

💘 2 pcs per pack

Introducing the Collapsible Design Pocket Toilet: Your Compact and Comfortable Solution Designed with Women in Mind!
In a world that demands safety and convenience, the Collapsible Design Pocket Toilet tailored for women stands as your trusted companion. Embrace the comfort and peace of mind it offers during all your outdoor activities and travel adventures.

Compact and Collapsible : Our pocket toilet features a collapsible design, expanding up to 12 inches in length to provide a generous capacity of 750ml. This space-saving marvel easily fits into your bag or car, ensuring you're always prepared.

Leak-Proof Assurance: Rest easy knowing that the urine bucket is designed with impeccable sealing performance. It won't leak after use, offering you a clean and worry-free solution.

Sustainability at Its Best: Crafted from environmentally friendly materials, this pocket toilet is non-toxic, odorless, and gentle on your skin. Plus, it's reusable, making it an eco-conscious choice that's both practical and planet-friendly.

Designed for Women: With women's comfort in mind, our pocket toilet is ideal for use in any situation, whether you're outdoors, stuck in traffic, or simply seeking a more hygienic option in public spaces.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: We prioritize your safety and the environment by using international, eco-friendly materials that are not only durable but also responsible.

  • Compact and Portable: The durable yet shrinkable design allows for easy transport in your bag or car. It's a must-have for camping, outdoor adventures, and long-distance journeys.

  • No-Leak Guarantee: The bucket's exceptional sealing performance ensures no leaks after use, making it ideal for women on the go, in crowded places, or facing restroom challenges.

  • Multifunctional: Our emergency urinal is your reliable companion on long car trips, camping excursions, hikes, and even during traffic jams. It's an excellent addition to your outdoor gear, especially for women who value comfort and convenience.


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