Practical Drill-free Installation Shower Pole Rack Organizer

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This Practical Shower Pole Rack Organizer is all you were looking for! 

Everyone's guilty of leaving their shower area in complete disarray at times, don't worry though, because that overwhelming feeling of clutter and chaos is about to disappear! This ingenious Shower Pole Rack Organizer has a drill-free installation, it will create more space, add order, and help you find what you need when you need it!


Easy and Drill-Free installation:
With the Practical Shower Pole Rack Organizer, there's no need for a drill or hammer and nails, so there are no holes in your walls! Installation is quick and easy, as it's designed to fit perfectly into the pole of your shower. It's the perfect choice for cleaning and de-cluttering! 

 Multipurpose Shower Holder & Rotating Hooks!

It features a head shower holder, hooks for hanging sponges, loofas, and towels. The clean lines and contemporary black and white color combination of this Shower Pole Rack Organizer, make it a perfect accessory, capable of blending in with any style bath decor.

Make the most of that unused space!

This ingenious, Shower Pole Rack Organizer is here to make your bath time what it was always meant to be, enjoyable and relaxing. Now, you can make the most of that unused space by adding instant storage to your shower. This handy Shower Pole Rack Organizer provides much-needed space for shampoo bottles, conditioner, loofah sponges, razors, washcloths, and more.

Adjustable Bathroom Pole Shelf Shower Storage Rack Holder ...

Comes with 3 adjustable rings for different sizes of shower poles:

Sizes: 22 mm, 24 mm, 25 mm

Order helps you find things where you need them when you need them!

It's an ideal storage option for college dorm rooms and first apartments. This Practical Shower Pole Rack Organizer lets you organize your bath area without having to make any major renovations. You add an impressive amount of storage, with very little effort and if you need more space, you can always buy two or more for a stacked or layered look!

Don't let the name fool you! Just because it's called a Shower Pole Rack Organizer, doesn't mean it wouldn't work wonderfully in the kitchen, or anyplace with a pole where you need a little extra storage!

Size: 12x 30 cm/ 4.7x 11.0 IN
Shelf Material: Plastic
Holder Surface Finishing: Chrome Plated
Material: ABS

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